Spring 2013 colour report


Welcome to 2013. (Yes this is probably going to continue till the end of January! Maybe even early Feb!)

As most of you already know, emerald is the colour of the year! But besides emerald, Pantone has announced the top 10 colours of the year! 

So get ready to see a lot of greens, blues and oranges (psst we're still not over tangerine apparently!).

Dusk Blue
Grayed Jade
Tender Shoots 14-0446
Lemon Zest
Agrican Violets
Monaco Blue
Poppy Red

Now before you go rushing to add these colours to your wardrobe, remember, just because Pantone has announced these as top 10, doesn't mean you have to blindly follow their list. Make sure the colours suit you as a few of them are pastels and might not suit everyone's colouring.

Also I think it would be fun to chose your own top 10 colours of the year. 

Also don't forget to mention what is your favorite colour from Pantone's list!

Know more about Pantone's fashion report for 2013 here 

2 Comments so far

  1. These color lists always make me giggle a little because I would never buy a color unless I liked it! (still lovin' mint!)
    Linen & dusk blue are definitely my favorites from the list above!


  2. I love those colors! Great choice.