Shopping Ban - Week 1


If you  follow me on Twitter, you might have read my tweets about shopping at Phoenix Market city, which houses many high street brands. Also you are well aware the sales are on. My tweets were rambles about how I couldn't find anything in any of those stores. I mean I really did step out with enough money, I wanted to spoil myself, with shoes from Zara. But I got a big fat nothing. Well in the end I ended up buying an iTouch cover for my phone from Roxy.

That same evening I got home and saw Tanvii's post on a shopping ban, and I thought why not? Maybe I would not survive the 4 month thing she is keen on doing, but I can start with a month right?

So I decided to start on the 11th of Jan, but I put it on hold till the 13th, because I had to go shopping with my sister the very next day. Also I had my eyes on these shoes my sister got, (she bought them in red, and I wanted to get the ones in navy), so of course the self ban had to wait for a full whole day.

Seriously how could I say no to these? Rs. 550 from Hill Road! 

And well besides my navy pumps, I also bought a few other things.. Mostly for my sister! Not me. 

Like it was a buy one, get the other free, so we picked the red bull and the leopard  I seriously don't know where Sheehan will wear this, but she insisted on it!

Found these shades with the mustache on the streets of Hill Road for about Rs.150! Just had to get them, especially since the ones I saw at Claires were 600+

And lastly these cute shoes for Sheehan, Rs. 550 again, from Linking Road.

And I promised myself after this, thats it. No more. The ban is on!

 Now as most of you might know, I am a stylist, and part of what I do is run around the streets of Bandra and Lokhandwala, in search of either clothes or accessories. This week, I had a song shoot, where I had to arrange/make 6 dresses. So the sourcing began, with me going to malls and stores and trying on a gazillion dresses, so that I could get a picture to get it approved by the director/choreographer.
Bare in mind, how painful this can be. Most stores are on sale. They have old stock for Rs. 1000. It was so tempting, but I tried to focus myself on work. 

A few of the dresses I had to try on..

Of all, this was my favorite! This cute little nautical wonder with a thin gold belt from Forever New. But again, I controlled myself!

And then I went shopping with mom. My mother makes sarees at home to sell. So sometimes when I get free, I go along with her, and we shop together, buy fabrics to mix and match and make our sarees.

Well the store I went to, had the craziest and most awesome-est net fabrics. In neon!
I willed myself to control again!

 Can I please have a bit of each after the 13th of Feb??

I will be posting a weekly update on how I'm doing, and whether I've broken it yet or controlled myself! Stay tuned!

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  1. Go girl....will power!! :) Rather than quit shopping, cold turkey, I have decided to be more mindful about my purchases.No more-I like it,lets buy it.I need to think through how it fits in my closet and whether I need it or not.
    Good luck on the shopping ban

  2. Wer exactly is d store 4 dose neon net Fabric?

    1. Hey Mamta, it's from Niharika in Khar which is in the same lane as Saroj and Glanz.