SHM gig - outfit post


Tonight was the Swedish House Mafia gig. After the cancellation in November, due to unfortunate events, I was just waiting for tonight (Not a JLo reference!)

What I noticed from last time, is that many girls wore really inappropriate clothes there. And when I say inappropriate, I'm not speaking as a prude! I mean concert inappropriate clothes. I mean sequined dresses that one would wear for New Year's or their own birthday party! High heels (who wears those when you have to stand and dance for hours? also you are going to be walking on grass and mud most of the time, save your Steve Maddens and Aldos for another day), super short mini skirts (why tempt guys when you're going to be in such a compact crowd with no personal space?) and many other fashion atrocities..

The last time I just wore my black leather effect jeggings with a black studded tunic with neon gladiator sandals and carried my sling bag along.

This time I  had a mad idea to play with a monochrome colour scheme, prints (polka and stripes) and shapes.

This cute tube dress with a cut out back and front, seemed to attract unwanted attention, so I decided to throw on a cropped top.

A small sling bag to carry essentials. There are many things that are not allowed into the concert arena like body sprays and breathe mints. So why carry them all?

My mini arm-party. Decided to keep accessories minimal.. And yes if anyone gets in my way, my spikes come to the rescue!

Comfortable shoes, to run, jump and dance in.. 
Wait who am I kidding? My feet still hurt like hell now!

I saw a lot of weirdly dressed girls this time too..

There was a girl who wore denim hot shorts, with lace patterned stockings and pink furry Ugg-style boots! She was just too hard to miss! Sheehan even managed to get a picture of her on her phone!

Another two wore SHM cropped tees, one with her 'camouflage' bra showing (oh the irony), and another with her hot pink panties sticking out from behind! Later when I got closer to them, I realized that both of them had un-waxed stomachs. Now I'm not trying to say anything bad here, but when you want to draw attention to a part of your body, make sure that it looks decent enough. Why show stomach when you can't groom yourself??

There was one girl who came in 5 inch glitter wedges! And to top it off, she wore hot shorts too!

I could just go on and on.. I'm a tough fashion critic!

Outfit Breakdown

Polka dot dress - Colaba Causeway
Cropped top - gifted by aunt from Forever 21
Blue brogues - La Judi (Hill Road)
Pink Striped sling - Blur Accessories
Multi-colour chained chain and skull and spike chain, both worn as bracelet - Hill Road
Shades - Claire's 

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  1. I love your outfit! And I know what you mean by inappropriate dressing - some people are such slaves to fashion with tonnes of cash, they just don't know what to wear to where!
    Love the polka dress and brogues :)

  2. interesting look!! and u have beautiful hair girl :)