Pieces Spring Summer 2013 Collection


Here is a preview of  the Pieces S/S 2013 collection!

Beautiful printed scarves.

Jeggings in a crazy range of colours.

Another awesome printed scarf that has words spelling out 'colors' and 'pastels'

 Bag Haven!

How cute is the little pink heart coin purse?

Only a bag like that can make me smile like this ^^


Geometric shapes

 Such a pretty neckpiece!

Here's what going to hit the stores by next month!

Printed scarves
A lovely scarf to pep up any dull outfit. You won't believe how great these look with a plain racer back tee!

Cute separates
You've got your basics covered up here., including a funky pair of abstract tights!

Pastels VS Neons
Neons for the daredevils, and pastels for the others. Take your pick!

Ahoy there Cap'tn!
Love the nautical theme.

Arm Candy
Who needs to hold their boyfriend's hand when they can hold on to one of these?

My Pieces lust list

Ahh the colours are killing me! I NEED these for the rains!

I used to live in my navy Pieces jeggings.. Looks like I'm going to have to go brighter this time, and this scarf is the prefect accompaniment to it.
A girl can never any have too many shoes right? And silly me has a penchant for shades. I'm a hoarder of both I must confess!

This bag had my name written all over it!

Ahh those tights, and an oxblood tote!

I had the old version of this. Without the flap and straps. I loved it so much, and because of it's neutral colour, I used it so much, that it started to peel off.. And the reason it peeled, is because stupid me, let it get wet more than twice during the rains.

Yes I'm a self confessed lingerie obsessed freak!

Click below to see the preview for Vero Moda and Only.

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