Looking back at 2012 via Instagram


While we toast to a new year, here's to looking back at the year that has past us. The ups and downs, the good stuff and the bad, the success and the losses. 

Here are a few (j/k a lot) of my Instagram pictures in no particular order.

One of my first ever Instagram pictures.. Our phones and the bedspread!

Shopping at Colaba Causeway

Visit from a cow wearing jewelry!

Realized this cat has the most pretty green eyes!

Traveled to Hongkong and Bangkok

Phoenix Market city became my go-to mall.. Also it's close to my house..

Pune skies..

That tongue!

Sea link.

My second movie as a stylist/wardrobe assistant.

Celebrated Halloween as a zombie Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ombre effect.

Traveled to Tehri (Uttarakhand)

Survived the crazy and needless Bombay baandh in 'honour' of you know who by taking creative pictures!

Converted these two into Instagrammers!

Awesome roof-top party at a friend's penthouse..


Sunset from the aircraft.


Shopping in Bandra!


Sea link.

Stocked up for the end of 2012..

Got really creative.. All it takes is a glass of rum and coke with ice, and a pool side light!

Got my third tattoo along with Sheehan's third and Patrick's first..

Jell-O shots..

Outfit post, shot by Patrick.

My first NH7!

Waded through water to get home on one very rainy day!

Absinthe shots!

Sunset in the forests.

First DIY on the blog!

Went frugal for Xmas, my entire look including heels were below Rs.2000!

Lost a loved one.

Saw Simple Plan live!

Fun photography during Diwali!

My first ever Comic Con

Diwali festivities..

Custom made shoes to match our dresses for mt parent's silver wedding.

Worked with Dracula (a Mallu movie!)

Another from Dracula 3D

Scenic views.

Sunset at BKC

Insect terminator (as I like to call him)

Package from Warner Bros!

Embraced public transport with the fare hikes!

Waking up at 4am, can sometimes be rewarding!


Sunset from Bandra Reclamation.

Bangkok adventures.

Nail art!

Shoot in Ahmedabad..

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  1. The Pune Sky pic is gorgeous!
    Also love the diys...lookin through archives now! :p
    Happy new year!

  2. You've clearly had a hell of a year :O

  3. Such a awesome year! Love the Zombie Audrey Hepburn look :D