Flowers in the sand


Day 2 in Goa. (P.S - lots and lots of pictures!)

From the moment I bought that dress, I knew that it would debut itself in Goa. There was no where else I could ever wear it. 

My last Goa trip was in December 2011, where at that time I was filming with the crew for Go Goa Gone. After that, I made several plans to return for a vacation but it just never happened.  This trip was already cancelled once, thanks to a shoot that suddenly sprang out of nowhere. But then the shoot was cancelled and my plans were back on course.  

About the look I went for, I can't really say much about it. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I like bright colours. I like colour blocking too. And there's this little ethnic-gypsy vibe, that I sometimes seem to enjoy.
About the title, well it was Elvis' idea. He uploaded one of the flower pictures on Facebook with the same title, and I just loved the sound to it.

We also got some really nice pictures.. Without me being the central focus (as mom put it)

It was Republic day after all. So this seemed really apt.

No album is ever complete without your feet more than two feet off the ground!

Dress - Mela | Neon polka bikini - Bangkok | Neckpiece - Santa Cruz station | Bangles - All over the place | Shades - Claire's | Cloth bag - Only

If this outfit looked familiar to you, here's why

Same pink, same neckpiece and same bangles.. See the post here

A few funny behind the scenes moments..

Some guy watching me as I tried to jump of the wall thing.

These two ruining my jumping picture!

A little help with flower arrangement!

Most pictures by Sheehan. The ones in which you see Sheehan (jumping ones) are taken by mom. 
All pictures taken with the Canon 60D

I'm proud to say that none of these pictures have been re-touched. Not even colour corrected. 
Sheehan + Canon 60D = AWESOME

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  1. I absolutely adore these pictures. And your tattoo, you GO girl! Proud :)

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Love these pictures! So carefree and I love the beachy vibe going on! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! :0


  3. love your dress color and neckpiece.. (:

  4. Gorgeous pics...You can tell that it was a great holiday!I think the candid ones the best pic though!