A much needed mini break!


My first day in Goa! 
Okay we actually left on Thursday night by bus, and reached Friday by noon (delays!) So here is Friday evening in Goa. Please excuse the 'blah' faces I was suffering from travel-lag, if there is such a thing.

 With mommie..

After this we headed over to the Grape Escapade, a fest in which Reveilo wines took part in (my dad works with Reveilo)

 Dad fake pouring me some wine!

 Love the decor idea.

Have to get rid of the Mumbai tan! Compare legs with feet, usually occurs to women who wear jeans/leggings with ballet flats on a daily basis aka me.

 Okay I didn't really stomp, just posed for the picture. There was no arrangement for one to wash off after the stomping, and of course I didn't want to walk around with purple stained feet.

 There was a giant grape too!

Moving on, lets skip day 2, because that deserves a post of it's own.. Lots of pictures coming up!
Day 3 was with this old family friend of dad, who's been living in Goa for years now.

Maybe I was a bit over-dressed. Was I?

That's all the pictures Sheehan got of me.

Outfit breakdown

Day 1
Floral printed dress - Vero Moda
Over-sized cardigan - Streets of Hill Road
Belt - Pieces Accessories
Cuff and neck piece - Hill Road
Cloth bag - Only
Flip flops - borrowed from my grandmother

Day 3
Maxi dress - Colaba Causeway
Belt - Terranova
Neckpiece - Gifted by a friend from H&M Sweden
Bangles - From all random places
Shades - Claire's
Flip flops - Hill Road
Bag (seen in a few pictures) - Canon camera bag

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