Flowers in the sand


Day 2 in Goa. (P.S - lots and lots of pictures!)

From the moment I bought that dress, I knew that it would debut itself in Goa. There was no where else I could ever wear it. 

My last Goa trip was in December 2011, where at that time I was filming with the crew for Go Goa Gone. After that, I made several plans to return for a vacation but it just never happened.  This trip was already cancelled once, thanks to a shoot that suddenly sprang out of nowhere. But then the shoot was cancelled and my plans were back on course.  

About the look I went for, I can't really say much about it. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I like bright colours. I like colour blocking too. And there's this little ethnic-gypsy vibe, that I sometimes seem to enjoy.
About the title, well it was Elvis' idea. He uploaded one of the flower pictures on Facebook with the same title, and I just loved the sound to it.

A much needed mini break!


My first day in Goa! 
Okay we actually left on Thursday night by bus, and reached Friday by noon (delays!) So here is Friday evening in Goa. Please excuse the 'blah' faces I was suffering from travel-lag, if there is such a thing.

 With mommie..

After this we headed over to the Grape Escapade, a fest in which Reveilo wines took part in (my dad works with Reveilo)

 Dad fake pouring me some wine!

 Love the decor idea.

Have to get rid of the Mumbai tan! Compare legs with feet, usually occurs to women who wear jeans/leggings with ballet flats on a daily basis aka me.

 Okay I didn't really stomp, just posed for the picture. There was no arrangement for one to wash off after the stomping, and of course I didn't want to walk around with purple stained feet.

 There was a giant grape too!

Moving on, lets skip day 2, because that deserves a post of it's own.. Lots of pictures coming up!
Day 3 was with this old family friend of dad, who's been living in Goa for years now.

Maybe I was a bit over-dressed. Was I?

That's all the pictures Sheehan got of me.

Outfit breakdown

Day 1
Floral printed dress - Vero Moda
Over-sized cardigan - Streets of Hill Road
Belt - Pieces Accessories
Cuff and neck piece - Hill Road
Cloth bag - Only
Flip flops - borrowed from my grandmother

Day 3
Maxi dress - Colaba Causeway
Belt - Terranova
Neckpiece - Gifted by a friend from H&M Sweden
Bangles - From all random places
Shades - Claire's
Flip flops - Hill Road
Bag (seen in a few pictures) - Canon camera bag

Shopping ban - week 2


Another week has gone by. Another 7 days of looking away from yummy sales, ignoring those 'last chance' emails I get from various websites, blocking out my sister's voice whenever she talks about something she saw, that I would definitely like..

This week, I decided to look into my closet, to see what I already had. I know I have a number of new clothes, that haven't been worn yet. Half of these clothes are being saved for an occasion, some I forgot about, and others I couldn't find when I actually wanted to use them!

So the minute I think about getting new clothes, I'll look at my 'new things' with their price tags still on, and feel content! It works.. Well a bit.

 Like this dress I got last year from Colaba Causeway..

Both my Mela dresses.

 A cute skirt from the Forever New sale.

 Sheehan got me this on one of her shopping trips. 

 This over-sized piece from AND. Actually it's not over-sized, I picked a size 16!

 A Vero Moda super Saturday find

 Tee from mom.

 Another tee mom got me.

 A gift from an aunt.

 Gift from a different aunt.

 Super Saturday (the first one ever held - I'm ashamed of myself now)

The super Saturday that went by..

 Some lingerie.. (I have underwear with tags still attached. That's really something to be ashamed of)

These cute printed ones from Claire's.

And there are definitely some more, I just haven't looked that hard for them. 

So to anyone else going on a shopping ban, I advice you to rummage into your wardrobe and discover your own things. Things you may have picked up at a bargain, or a gifted item, that you never got to. But look first.
Then decide whether you're ever going to wear it. Don't be a hoarder. If something still has it's tags on, and has been bought more than a year ago, chances are you probably are never going to wear it. Give it to someone who would. Or swap with a friend who is willing to.

Make space, so that once the ban is done with, you can maybe reward yourself?

While I might not be able to wear all of them the following week, I can still try to.. Well here's to a good third week.. And the week after that, after which I'll be done with my ban! Can't wait!

Vero Moda, Only and Pieces special preview!


Just last week, I was invited by BestSeller to have a look at the new upcoming line for Vero Moda, Only and Pieces. I was pretty excited, because I have to admit, I'm quite a big fan of the brands. I very generously support their Super Saturday sales (if you know what I mean) and really couldn't wait till to see them!

I also gave a tiny excuse and turned up 2 hours late to work, but it was totally worth it.  The new collection of all 3 are all lovely, that I'm so glad they come out next month, because that's when my shopping ban ends! Also I'm glad I went for the 1 month ban and not anything more!

I've already started making a list of things that I just NEED to lay my hands on.Click below to see each collections..

I'm sure you're all going to want to save up now!

Only Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Here is a preview of Only's S/S 2013 collection!

A cute breezy tie-dyed tank.

Stripes to funk up any outfit!

Oh how much I love this! I'm a sucker for animal prints, and that back is just WOW!

Neon beauties!

Funky denims!

Love this so much!

Here's what going to hit the stores by next month!

Animal Prints
I want each and every one of these! 

Fun graphic tees
Their trapeze shaped, sports vests, digital/photo printed tees might make you want to transform into a simple jeans and tees kinda girl!

Denim and Chambray
What I've always admired from Only are their denim pieces.. P.S. I was wearing a denim tunic from Only that day!

Understated neons
For those who think twice about adding neon to their wardrobe, have no fear now, Only has come up with demure techniques, adding neon details in some pieces, and adding a layer of white to subdue some others.

One trend that I can never get over.. 

Bright coloured pants
Colours that will make you go crazy. I think I want all. Who wouldn't?

P.S - I would totally go for a run in that jumpsuit!

Pretty dresses

My Only Lust/wish list..

Love the details on this!

I could wear these together.. Would you?

Goa is calling out to me now.!

A little bit of Rockstar + a tiny bit tribal = LOVE

Click below to see the preview for Vero Moda and Pieces.