Ciao to the Hi's and Low's of 2013


So we decided that the last post should be a bit exciting and different from the rest. Although in my opinion, it still seems the same to me. Similar clothes, familiar poses, same old face, and the usual photo bombs. Only difference is, this time, instead of discarding, or even better, hiding the silly-ness, I decided that these have to make it into the post this time.
It's silly how for just 7-12 shots we take almost a 150-200! Most of these end up as 'test shots', or turn out blurred, or I don't like the way I look in them (girl problems you see) or are of us just us goofing around and having fun.



Pretty exciting news, Head2Heels was featured in Independent Fashion Blogger's weekly round-up. Seems like a great way to end the year!

Stayed tuned soon, because tomorrow we end this year with one last (fun) post. But for now, you can check out some lovely other posts from 19 other fabulous bloggers from around the world.


New Year Chic

The New Year always makes us think about the way we spend our time. Did we make the most of the year? What were the best memories? Who dressed the best? What needs to change? This week's roundup is a good mix of reflecting on the best of fashion in 2013 and what to look our for next year. So take a look and make the most of 2013!

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New post preview

Did I mention tomorrow's post is a 'fun' post?

Naughty, but Nice!


I came home, late, one evening. It was about 12. I was shooting all day. It was a bit chilly (yes it does get a little cold while travelling by rick). I was walking in a hurry to get home, after a long tiring day. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. My house didn't look like my house any more. It looked magical at that time!

Aztec Pencil Skirt - 5 ways


If you have been checking the Indian blogosphere, you would have noticed that pencil skirts seem to be an 'in' thing now. Many celebrities and bloggers have been sporting them for a while now. So I decided this needed a bit of analysis. A pencil skirt has always been perceived as something that falls under the formal or business wear category. Most Indian woman will associate it to office wear and will even refrain from buying a pencil skirt. At the same time a larger woman would refrain from it as well, as this type of skirt tends to hug the contours of the body from the waist to the knees (and can be a bit intimidating).

Flowers and Leopards


The past week has been a blur of shoots and shoots. Unfortunately none of them were for the blog, all just work related. So earlier this afternoon, I decided I had to put something up and had a small mini shoot. Also there was this jacket I was really excited to share. Another Hill Road buy and I think it was quite a steal. I would have gotten it for much less, but my mom I was drooling over it while she was bargaining, so there was no way the shopkeeper would have lowered his rates!

Green Jewels and Red Pumps


Two more days and then it's December!!! The month of shopping, parties and holidays. 
Also I hope the weather gets cooler now.
I've already started pulling out my cardigans and sweaters!

Leather, stripes and bling


In this post, I've tried to bring together 3 elements that I love or am currently hooked on to at the moment.



Sheehan finally has a studio set up in our room! So currently, we live in a studio! So these are the first test shots with her lights and everything that we took last week. I instagrammed one of these pictures, and it got real good response, so it got turned into an outfit post now. And since she will be doing portfolios and stuff, we did some very clichéd portfolio shots. All for fun.

Black & Gold


Keeping in mind with the festivities of the season, Happy Diwali to everyone.
Today was a hectic day. Running between two different pujas at both my offices to fittings for a shoot that's going to keep me occupied for the next whole week, this mini last minute shoot was a small breather for me.

Church on Sunday


I've always been a hoarder. I still am one. I keep almost everything. Clothes that I don't fit into as well. Whenever Sheehan and myself had to clean our closet, we always kept three piles of clothes, one that we needed, the other that was to give away, and finally the 'modification' pile. This pile contained all sorts of clothing, that needed a trim here, or a hem loosened there, or a dress that had to be converted into a skirt, or even a dirty tee that just had to be dropped into a bucket of dye.

Rise and Fall


Everyone has been talking about Fall 2013, and the new trends, and what's hot, and their new shopping lists. However, I find most of it a load of bull. You don't really HAVE to update your wardrobe to match with the current season (which by the way, if you live in Mumbai, this is not even an actual season!) But of course, you can still shop. You can still add pieces inspired by garments and looks that have graced the runways of Milan, Paris and New York to your wardrobe.

In the Valley of Flowers


So I had a really good weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already noticed. We went to Satara, which is about a 6 hour drive from Mumbai. From Satara, we travelled around. I planned to make this an outfit post, however, whenever I was ready to shoot (with the flowers), it started raining! So I just gave up. WARNING! - Lots of pictures!

Knotted up


Here is another one of my outfits that got turned into a post after it received a lot of positive feedback when I wore it the first time around. I got the most commonly available neon tee (for 150 bucks) and knotted it up like a crop top. Then I wore the skirt high to just show a hint of skin. I do get a lot of people asking me where they can buy crop tops from. What I'd say is, make your own. Just knot up an old tee, or even chop it off!

Jewelry and shoe stand diy


There are two things that I can connect to really well - Messi and messy. One is a great footballer and the other is just a proper way to describe me. It's true. I hate cleaning and tidying up. Also I don't get the time to clean and tidy up. And when I do, I'm always just too lazy to do it. So anyways, I have a drawer for all my jewelry. Each item is/used to be (initially) packed in a separate zip lock bag. However because of my mad schedule (I tend to blame everything on work), I'm always in a hurry, and most of those pieces hardly ever get put back into a bag after use. 
So one day I just came across this big pile of mess!

In a haze


I thought of lines and sentences for this post. Phrases went in and out of my head. What I finally could not come up with in words, I made up for in pictures.

Preview of the new post +


A small sneak peek of the new outfit post.. Luckily it stopped raining, for a while, so I could don my heels again!

On another note, here's a new site I've come across - Baggout.

What is fun about Baggout, is that it is very visual. Scroll down the first page itself, and your eyes might just pop out looking at the array of shoes, clothes, bags and other products.

So step one - I created my account and went to 'add a purchase'

You can select an one option - like 'fetching an image from a URL' (which is awesome for a lazy person) or actually uploading an image from your computer.

I decided to put in the url of my tee from the last outfit post
What's great is, I don't have to fill the spaces for title, weblink and price, it just automatically happens when the url uploads. All I have to do is add the category and comments (if I want to). And that's about it!

Here is my personal feed.

Now this is a look at another part of it..

Found this amazing bag in my feed. So I clicked on the 'buy product' link at the right bottom corner.

And voilà! Out pops a new window and I'm directed to a new page where I can actually buy the bag!
Unfortunately its out of stock! :-(

So Baggout is great if you want to keep a directory and share all of your online purchases.
It's also great, to stalk and see who bought what!
I also think you can upload items that are in your wishlist. I would totally do that - make a nice wishlist, save up for it, and then click their 'buy product' link on my own pictures and get it when I want to. You can also 'like' a product, if you're not sure about it, and then check it out later.

Baggout promises, that all images and products have been posted by a real user and not a marketer or a corporate company.
They also filter feeds so that you not only see your friend's spoils, but also those that fall in your friend's friend circle. So best bet is, if your friend is a bit like you, (style-wise) your feed will be filled with awesome stuff that you would not be able to resist the 'buy now' link. That seems pretty dangerous!

Baggout can be accessed through the website on desktop/laptop and through an android app on mobile phone

Can you see me now?


When I wore this outfit last Sunday, I got a lot of positive feedback on my cropped jeggings, and when you get asked a lot about a particular piece of clothing or jewelry, you of course tend to wear it with pride. 

So I decided to make a post out of it. 

When we got ready to shoot, I actually wondered if I would even be seen when the pictures were done. I mean camouflage is, well, the name says it all. Also the tee I had on was dark, and thanks to the green surroundings, I knew I was easily blend-able in the background.

So I decided to throw on this pretty neon bag just before stepping out of the house, as opposed to the black one I meant to carry along.

So the question is, can you see me now?


Camouflage is of course, one of the latest trends. That's why I picked up the jeggings when I saw them. I usually don't fall prey to trends, but these are so comfy and soft, and I know I can make a lot of use out of them, especially since I can wear them on shoots.
Also I've had the sneakers for a while now. Got them on sale. What hooked me on to them, besides how bad-ass they are with the print and studs, again, is the comfort level, and how I can wear them to long 12 hour shoots.
See, work always come first!

P.S - It was very tough to edit these pictures, because the bag was so soo bright, so it just looked white with the natural lighting. Hence the filter.

Outfit Breakdown

Rock n Roll tee - (Size L, because they did not have my size, and I just loved the print to let it go)

Camouflage cropped jeggings - Max
Neon bag - Pieces available at Vero Moda and Only
Sneakers - Zara (sale for 1,100/-)
Bracelets - Fab Alley monthly jewelbox
Leather wrist strap with spikes and studs - gifted

Ciao from the both of us, even though he doesn't seem interested anymore.

It's MEOW or Never!


Cat Parade
1 - Dorothy Perkins, 2 - Topshop, 3 - Lulu & Co. at Farfetch, 4 - Victoria Beckham at Farfetch, 5 -, 6 - River Island, 7 - Zoe Karssen at Farfetch, 8 - Debenhams, 9 - Lulu Guiness at Asos, 10 - Asos, 11 - Paul & Joe Schmuck at, 12 - Dorothy Perkins, 13 -, 14 - Romwe, 15 - Topshop, 16 -, 17 - Mango, 18 -, 19 - Betsy Johnson, 20 - Topshop.

For a good time : Call a friend


True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated, and yet, nothing changes.

Being blessed with friends, who like you, are almost metal, and not afraid to 'let down their hair' even if they are boys, is a huge bonus.

While I don't have pictures of all my friends, here is Tanisha and myself, going crazy at the tiny garden (meant for children) in her building. 
The Mickey ears are her thing, and she made me wear one!

Leather bralet DIY


Hidesign has an ongoing competition - 'The Art of Reuse', where they provide (those who register) with a few scraps of leather, a needle, thread and a leather punch, and you have to make something out of it.

Of course I could never let an opportunity like this go by. Even though it took me almost a month to make mine, not because I'm slow, but I really had no time!

So I originally was going to make a clutch or a sling, but my mum and Sheehan talked me out of it, saying it was the most common thing others would do as well. Sheehan jokingly suggested that I should make a leather thong, and amidst laughter I thought why not? I mean not a thong, but a corset!
But when I checked, the scraps weren't big enough to make a corset, so I had to make do with a bralet..

Since the thread they provided, which was supposed to be about 5 mts, was only a metre or so, I used a white contrasting thread, and a bit of elastic at the back, to hold it in place.

Little Black Dresses


For the past couple of weeks, I've been pretty busy with work. My timings have gone haywire. I leave early and get home late, and of course by the time I'm home at night, I'm too tired to do anything!

Just last Sunday, we (and by we I mean everyone else, excluding me, since I was too busy) planned a surprise party for my grandfather. So of course my outfit was last minute. And you know what a last minute outfit means? An LBD of course!

So when Myntra asked me to check out their stuff, I obviously was more interested in taking a look at their black dresses, and boy, was I blown away. I really like how they have so many styles and patterns from different brands with different price ranges. There's one LBD for every girl out there.

So soooo many sweet black dresses to chose from!

So I picked the ones that really caught my eye.

With the very 'in' high-low hem, this dress is such a pretty vision! 
Add some sweet pops of colours with sky high heels and a pretty clutch/sling, and you're good to go! 

Black - red and gold - a colour combination you can never go wrong with. Everything about this screams 'glam goddess'. 

I love mixing two opposite trends! Like if I wear a floral tunic, I'll add studded bracelets and faux leather leggings. Same concept here.
Each time you add something edgy, add another item to contradict it!
Sequinned dress vs girly pastel bag
Shoes with chain details vs pearly bow neckpiece.

Interesting shapes and patterns can make any boring dress look amazing. Not that this dress is boring! The soft drape is every girl's best friend, as it helps to cover up unflattering bits and parts.

While most of us like our one shoulders and tubes, some like to leave a lot more to the imagination. This dress is perfect for that!
With the embellishments on the cuff of the sleeves to the overlapped bodice, it looks very chic and at the same time doesn't scream 'prude'

From a peplum dress to a unique shaped bag, to a wrap watch to leopard printed heels, this girl makes heads turn, always. 
This has got to be my favourite look! I already have the shoes! Have to lay my hands on the rest now! 

All these clothes and accessories are available right now on the website (if they are not sold out already, that is!)

Now is the right time to pick your LBD and some other treats as well!
 Visit Myntra and indulge in their awesome sale! 

The horrors of looking for an intern


I know I have been whining about looking for an assistant for the past 3-4 months. Yes. Months!
While my efforts have been in vain, maybe you will find this entertaining. Also here is a small set of dos and don'ts to any aspiring fashion designer/stylist.

While my rants on twitter were a bit too dramatic, you can see for yourself, what I've been dealing with first hand. Since I've been looking for someone who is a fresher, and can join immediately, I succumbed to posting on, from which I received more than 15 replies.

The ad in question

Now what Quikr brilliantly does is, also gives out your phone number, along with the ad. So of course people decided to bombard my phone with calls, at their own convenience.

Word of advice : Please don't call a prospective employer at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night. They will hate you, and most probably not hire you. If you really have to contact them, you can text them. If you still insist on calling, at least start with 'I'm really sorry to call you on a Sunday..' or 'Is this a good time to talk' or something similar. 

So I keep getting calls now. So many calls, that I've gotten a bit robotic at the moment.

Them : Hi, I saw your ad on Quikr...
Me (cuts through) : Have you sent me your resume?
Them : What?/ Sorry? .. blah.. blah..
Them : No.
Me : Please mail me your resume. Thank you (hangs up)

Thats how most of them go.. 

Just this morning, I received another call..

Girl : Hi I saw your ad on Quikr..
Me : Have you sent in your resume?
Girl : No I haven't
Me : Please do, and I'll revert back asap.
Girl : Can you give me a few more details?
Me (trying to be extremely nice) - Yes, of course. What do you want to know.
Girl : This is a post for an assistant stylist?
Me : Yes...
Girl : And the location is in Andheri West?
Me : Yes..
Girl : It's a full time..
Me : Let me stop you there, you said you found this on Quikr?
Girl : Yes
Me : And you still ask me questions, of which all the answers are mentioned clearly in the ad?
Girl : Um..
Me : Thank you (hangs up and screams silently)

Then of course, we come to the emails..

There are people who shout at me..
I think it's pretty universal in chat and text lingo, that Caps lock = raised voice/ shouts.

People who think I'm a man, even after I've mentioned my name in reverts.
Has happened 3-4 times already.
What really annoys me is the fact that people assume that a job poster is male. It really wakes up the crazy feminist in me!

While I appreciate short stories and essay writing, now is not the time and place. Remember I receive a lot of replies, and this is not something I'm in the mood to read.

 And of course I've saved the best for last!

This Monday morning, I received a missed call at exactly 9:17 am. Of course, since I was at home, I was not near my phone to answer it. When I did see it, I realized that it probably was from one of the people who I'd asked to come see me at 12 for an interview. I called back at 9:35 am..

Me : Hi, I received a call from this number, some time ago.
She : Oh yes. I sent you my resume and you asked me to come and meet you.
Me : Yes of course. Do you need the address?
She : Yes.
Me : I'll text it to you right away. See you at 12. Bye.
She : Thank you, Bye.

I sent her a text. 

Explanation : Now I work for a styling company and I operate/sit in a studio. My head office is very inconveniently placed in Marol east, and we prefer the studio as a work space, since Andheri West is somewhat closer to 'in habitation' as we call it, and also sourcing and other things are much more easier.

So my address starts with 'Shop no 10, ...'

She calls back within 2 minutes.

Me : Hi, yes..
She : Oh this is a shop?
Me : Umm.. Yes it is a..
She : I was under the impression you do television and ads..
Me (flabbergasted) : I'm sorry. Is there a problem?
She : I'm not interested in working in a shop.
Me : It's a studio and I don't think you fully understand..
She : I don't want to work in a studio either
Me (really really angry now) : Excuse me. Firstly you call me up at 9 in the morning. Who does that? I haven't even begun my working day.
She (scoffs) : What kind of person doesn't accept calls at 9? Where I worked I got calls at 9.
Me : I get calls at 6am too, pertaining to shoots or clients I'm handling, but for you, to call me at this hour..
She : I don't like your attitude.
Me (thinking of what to say): ...
She : I'm not interested anymore (hangs up)
Me : WTF just happened?

And then she has the audacity to email me this..

I was going to take the high road, and not reply back. But her words hit me a bit. I know for a fact that I am very sensible. Also I'm generally (if not always) very polite! And lastly, if you know me, you'll know that I might have a bit of an attitude at times, but I never throw it around. Especially when it comes to work related stuff. Diplomacy is a requirement here.

So I reverted back to her.

Conclusion : I give up.

Also, if you are ever applying for a job, please pay attention.
Be polite. Be reasonable. Read the requirements. Have some empathy towards the person on the other end.


She messaged back! Just had to have the last word! 

P.S - I'm actually considering sending her a link to this page!! Ha! 

Shopping at AddOns


What I find really impressive about some brands are, that they take the trouble to have an online shopping option. In today's digital world, almost everyone I know has ordered something from online. Going to stores is almost so passe!

AddOns recently contacted me to check out their own shopping website, with which I was really impressed.  
All their products are very reasonably priced. From bags to jewelry to footwear, everything comes with a price tag that would delight you.

I decided to take a step further (actually many steps) and visit their store. And I'm glad I did. If the collection  on the website was brilliant, the one at the store was 3X better! The variety and choices blew me away! I spent a good 30-45 minutes, clicking pictures and choosing my 'booty' 

A glimpse at their neckpieces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

I took a fancy to these shoes. 

Yummy neon accents

Beautiful statement neckpieces

Fell in love with this geometric beauty. So I got this one

My mom got hooked on to this ornate ring!

I'm not a big fan of earrings, but this cute LBD themed one is just too cute! Mix and match away!

While these sling bags were a little too tiny for my liking, with their cutwork details and metallic shades, I think they would be perfect for hands free night out.

Pearly wonders if you're ever planning to attend a Great Gatsby themed party!

More sling bags!

Love the colour and detailing.

They had an impressive array of belts as well.

I would have picked up the yellow studded bag if I didn't already own another yellow studded one! *sigh*
But I picked up the pink dangly neckpiece!

A closer look at the neckpiece.

Not my usual style, but I loved the mix of lace and stones. Taking 'girly-ness' to a new edge.

Another thing that couldn't be ignored were these pretty red earrings!

Tassels are so under-rated! I picked up the turquoise one

So I walked out with three neckpieces, after a lot of deliberations and trying on a few 'John Lennon' inspired shades, yes they have them too!' and all three pieces under the price of 1200! Isn't that amazing?!?!

And great news, AddOns is currently on sale on their website as well as the store, so check them out!

On me,
Dress : Streets of Santa Cruz station road (W)
Rainy sandals - Topshop

AddOns Store - Linking Road, Bandra West (just after Mc Donalds)
Photos by - Sheehan and mom