Life is a blur...


There's this girl whose heart hurts inside. She aches in pain and sadness that overwhelms her. She knows her life is a total blur. There's this girl who really cries out wondering where she'll end up. But I try to cover her up with a good look and smile. But we all know who I really am... We all know I'm really her.

 - unknown quote

A little OTT doesn't kill does it? Sometimes it's fun to over-do it.

 Outfit Breakdown

Black dress with studs - Streets of Hill Road
Animal print mullet skirt - Tailored
Red T-strap wedges - Hill Road
Black belt - Motivi
Neckpieces (all 3), skull bracelet and red wrist cuff - Blur Accessories
Black studded wrist cuff and owl ring - Bangkok
Chained bracelet - DIY

All pictures taken by Sheehan (at a decent resolution) and edited by me on the ipod with the 'Vintique' app, hence the hazy-ness.. 

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  1. ROX! You are absolutely smoking here!! Smoking, smoking, smoking. And I want to steal that dress/top off you. Mmm, girl.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. very cute look! very madonna


    Spoonful of Diamonds

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