Brain-dead at Tiffany's


Back again with some fun outfits.. Remember the Comic Con post a while ago? We played dress up again, this time for Halloween!!

I've always been really into Halloween. Even before the Halloween scene entered India, I guess because we all grew up watching Hollywood movies and wished that we could dress up too, and go trick or treating!
So my sister and myself have been planning small Halloween parties always, for friends and family (very low key)

So here is what we wore..

So I was a zombie version of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, however that night I kept calling myself  'Brain-dead at Tiffany's' which seemed pretty apt..

Jason, Sheehan and myself

With Patrick..
 With Tanisha
 And again..
My least favorite picture, but I have to show off the sparkly stuff!
Wonder Woman!

Just to show you a bit of the decorations..
l-r - Tanisha, Sheehan, Patrick, dad, me, Chrislyn, mom
Jason helped me rub grey poster color on all visible parts of my body! 
Eventually the hair-do came undone from all the crazy dancing..

Dad and Sheehan decided to jump into this picture!
Dad, Sheehan, Brian and myself
50 shades of grey?

Again I was supposed to do a completely different post for the InFB Sparkle remix.. I was really looking forward to it! I had two pretty dresses to chose from, and we were supposed to shoot last Sunday. However at this very party, Tanisha forced me to agree to go to Pune for NH7.. So the shoot didn't happen :-( Luckily for me, I had a bit of sparkle for Halloween, and I couldn't miss this one, as I already missed the last double denim remix!

Outfit breakdown (me only)

Black dress with leather belt - Bought from an outlet in Milan in 2009 (P.S. I got the dress for Sheehan, and as you can see, Sheehan is super thin, so that dress was a bit too snug for comfort)
Strappy black sandals - Aldo
Sparkly neckpieces - DIYed with a couple of strands of pearls and rhinestones
Lace gloves - Made in 15 minutes by my tailor from scraps of fabric
Sparkly hair clip - Random Hill Road shop
Blood - DIY (I mixed ketchup, baking powder and red food color.. I had to literally scrub it off!)

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  1. Lovely Halloween costume. Fiends are real fun. Loved that sparkle head clip :)

    Bong's Belleza

  2. Hhahaha..when I think of sparkle the first thing that comes to my mind is Halloween..Really Fun pics..