A Sparkling Diwali + Outfit post


Happy Belated Diwali!! 

Diwali was pretty boring for me actually. I got bored during the days. Of course I was invited to a number to 'pujas' by friends and even my boss, but it really was not something I looked forward to! The evenings were still better. I did manage to visit a few of my friends and wish them (also eat some sweets)..

The thing is, when I'm bored, I get the best ideas in my head, which really is a good thing, because I'm generally always bored. I'm sure you understand the feeling of not having anything to do. It's just so annoying!

So I had the coolest idea ever.. 

This is what I came up with!

 I wanted to make an epic cover picture for Facebook.. 
My actual idea was to make the three of us in a line, and we each would spell out our names.. Like I would spell 'Rox', Sheehan would do 'Skez' and Patrick would do 'Pat'.. But we needed a fourth person to click the picture. And somehow the names just didn't happen.. But we still got some awesome stuff..

 See I tried to spell out ROX!
 I tried to make a heart too.. Didn't work out!
So now this is my Facebook picture..
And here's my cover picture!

Moving on.. we utilized the next day for a photoshoot..

 Sheehan was having a pretty 'blah' day.. She didn't seem interested in taking any pictures.. 
 So Patrick stepped up..

I love these moments at shoots.. 

Outfit breakdown

 Ombre tunic - from Lifestyle (Ginger) for 199/- (Wore the orange version here)
Black patched leather leggings - HongKong
Red ballet flats - Soul to Soul (Linking Road)
Beaded neckpiece - Gifted by a friend
Green and purple wrist cuffs - Blur Accessories
Bangles - All over the place.

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  1. Love the tie-dye top :) And beside that, the last picture is adorable ! Candid moments are really the best :D

  2. I totally dig the arm party you have goin on !!! Love it girl . love this space . Following you via GFC . http://fashionfactive.blogspot.com