A Sparkling Diwali + Outfit post


Happy Belated Diwali!! 

Diwali was pretty boring for me actually. I got bored during the days. Of course I was invited to a number to 'pujas' by friends and even my boss, but it really was not something I looked forward to! The evenings were still better. I did manage to visit a few of my friends and wish them (also eat some sweets)..

The thing is, when I'm bored, I get the best ideas in my head, which really is a good thing, because I'm generally always bored. I'm sure you understand the feeling of not having anything to do. It's just so annoying!

So I had the coolest idea ever.. 

This is what I came up with!

 I wanted to make an epic cover picture for Facebook.. 
My actual idea was to make the three of us in a line, and we each would spell out our names.. Like I would spell 'Rox', Sheehan would do 'Skez' and Patrick would do 'Pat'.. But we needed a fourth person to click the picture. And somehow the names just didn't happen.. But we still got some awesome stuff..

Brain-dead at Tiffany's


Back again with some fun outfits.. Remember the Comic Con post a while ago? We played dress up again, this time for Halloween!!

I've always been really into Halloween. Even before the Halloween scene entered India, I guess because we all grew up watching Hollywood movies and wished that we could dress up too, and go trick or treating!
So my sister and myself have been planning small Halloween parties always, for friends and family (very low key)

So here is what we wore..

So I was a zombie version of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, however that night I kept calling myself  'Brain-dead at Tiffany's' which seemed pretty apt..