Mumbai's Comic Con!


Last weekend was one of the best ever. Mumbai had a Film and Comics convention. There were a lot of wackily dressed up people, having fun, taking pictures and to top it off, there was a Cosplay contest too!

Sheehan, Patrick and myself decided to go too.. I mean how could we miss this? They went both days, but I went only on day 2 - Sunday, as I was working the previous day..

So here's what we went as..

Sheehan was the Joker from The Dark Knight
Patrick was the robot from the LMFAO videos
I was cat-woman from.. I haven't really decided where.. But definitely not The Dark Knight Rises (cuz I felt she was lame)

Here are some pictures!

Funny thing was, when we entered, people was just so taken aback. Every one wanted a picture with the female Joker, also every one wanted a picture with the robot and of course, every guy wanted a picture with Cat Woman! 
Every step we took, we heard 'excuse me, picture please!'.. It was exciting and also annoying, but some organizers noticed how 'in demand' we were, and we were promptly invited to the after party!

There was a tiny board next to this that said 'Tweet your picture with Gandalf and win official Dark Knight Rises merchandise' and I did soo.. And just as I was about to publish this blog post, Warner Bros India tweeted to send in my details.. So I guess I'm one of the winners! 'Whoo hoo!!'

Many people told Sheehan she was the best Joker ever.. One guy even tweeted to me saying 'Your sister is my second favoritest joker ever, after Heath Ledger' Awww..

We also met a whole lot of other Batman freaks.. From l-r - The Scarecrow, The Joker, Two Face, Cat-Woman and The Joker

There were 2 other Cat Womans too.. But I thought my hand crafted lace mask was way better.. :-P

And of course there was Jiah Khan who came on the first day.. Who I didn't get to see.. I loved her costume, except for the belt and the shoes (from a fashion point of view)

And not to sound like a show off, but this one guy commented on a picture of me on the Comic Con page on facebook saying 'She was most beautiful catwoman in Comic Con' *BLUSHES* 

This guy was hilarious! So brilliant and original.. Alan from the Hangover series!

These zombies were just too good!!

My favorite pictures of Sheehan ---

The first one
She threw that card 10-20 times, just to get this shot! It was hilarious, and could have been photoshopped, but we wanted something legit.

And this..

Where we tried to recreate this one.. 

But it was tough doing it in a moving taxi and of course, we did keep getting weird looks from fellow Mumbaikars!
P.S we were on our way to Tryst, to the after party..

And after getting there, We realised that Sheehan and Patrick had a lot of competition!!

This was the Comic Con after party and the Kingfisher Beer Up all rolled into one crazy big party!

And I met my long lost school friend there, who was dressed up as Dexter!

Free beers, so we made the most of it!

The rest are just too much to share.. Sheehan and me had our drunk faces on.. Patrick took off his head (he really couldn't see that well with the box on)

Now I'm just waiting for Comic Con to come back, and this time, I've vowed to spend more than half an hour on my costume!

Most pictures taken from the Canon Rebel XT either by Sheehan, me or Patrick, the low res ones from the iTouch and the ones with the watermark from the Comic Con page!

Outfit Breakdown (I have to do this!)

Baroque print full sleeved long tee (worn print side in) - gift from dad
Leather effect leggings - Bershka
Black belt - Terranova
Platform sling backs - Tally Weijl
Cat mask - Hand made with regular black lace fabric
Cat ears - Souvenir from Club Cabana in Goa
Black sling bag - Khao San street (Bangkok) 

Sea green blazer (borrowed from me) - Bangkok
Checkered waist coat - Stitched by me in class
Purple leotard - gifted
Purple pants (borrowed from me!) - gifted from one of the Abu Dhabi aunts
Black beat up canvas shoes - Converse

White printed cut out tee - Bandra (I'm guessing)
Red jeans (borrowed from Sheehan) - Gifted by the same aunt who got the purple ones!
Black skull print shoes (borrowed from Sheehan and me) - Streets of Hill Road

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  1. seems another trend is catching up...

  2. this looks like sooo much fun..wish i had known about it...would have love it attend such an event.
    roxanne u loook so HOT as cat women.

    Pooja k
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  3. I totally enjoyed Comic Con in Bangalore too and you have inspired me with your amazing outfit to take part in the Cosplay next time. I love what your sis is wearing, definitely is pretty amazing. And you look super hot. Also, Patrick's LMFAO thingy, so cute! Really creative I must say!

    Those zombies freaked me for a minute. *shudder*


  4. wow great post and photos!!! Maybe we follow each other!? let me know :-) Greetings

  5. so cuuuteee :)