DIY-ing an old neckpiece


This is my rainy day post. I did this last month (or way before, I really can't remember) and I'm going to go off grid for 2 weeks now, as I'll be filming in Delhi for a while.

I also know that it's not rocket science to now primp up your old jewellery with nail paints. Everyone's been doing it with great results. Here's what I did to an old piece that I found lying around the place

Things you'll need (although its pretty much obvious!)
I always pick up cheap nail paints, like for 20-50rs each.

Testing out the shades. I like doing that so I know the end result.

Started off with the lightest shade for the beads.

 And then moved onto the turquoise blue for the first set of stones. 

 And finally added the purple to the remaining ones..

 And that's about it.. Just finish it up, and look closely at places that need 'touch-ups'

Photos by me with a Canon Rebel XT

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    I so love this and I am so trying it because I don't even need to buy stuff. :P

    Happening soon, and thanks for the inspiration

    :D Love the colour combo.


  2. Cute! It looks so fresh with a little bit of color.