The A-Zs of Fall 2012-2013


iVillage has a really awesome A-Z version (which I totally agree with) for this fall, and with my acute boredom, and slow days at work, I decided to make polyvore sets for each letters and theme.. 
I'm really that bored!

Animal Magnetism
Not animal prints (for the first time) but actually animals charms, which have been seen a lot on runways and high street stores.. Don't shy away from adding a cute animal metal brooch to your sweater or cardigan.

DIY tip! - Take inspiration from one of my favorite DIY-er. Make your own insect brooch.. Here's how!

Mumbai's Comic Con!


Last weekend was one of the best ever. Mumbai had a Film and Comics convention. There were a lot of wackily dressed up people, having fun, taking pictures and to top it off, there was a Cosplay contest too!

Sheehan, Patrick and myself decided to go too.. I mean how could we miss this? They went both days, but I went only on day 2 - Sunday, as I was working the previous day..

So here's what we went as..

Sheehan was the Joker from The Dark Knight
Patrick was the robot from the LMFAO videos
I was cat-woman from.. I haven't really decided where.. But definitely not The Dark Knight Rises (cuz I felt she was lame)

Here are some pictures!

Just monkeying around..


In August, I went on a photo shoot rampage.. Sheehan and me worked up a schedule where we did 3-4 outfit posts in a single day. This happened on one Saturday and Sunday when I was free. Maybe it was intuition that told me I was going to be really very busy soon after... And that's what happened! Even the earlier outfit pictures were done on these same days. Including the previous 'rainy day' DIY.. 

I guess when you have an unpredictable job as mine, which takes you places, and you also want to blog as often as once in 2 weeks, you really have to be prepared! 
This would be my advice to fellow bloggers!

I love how I look so tall here, and my legs look endlessly long.. I'm gonna wear this dress a lot often!

You might have wondered about the 'monkey' reference in the title.. Well here it is..

What and why are questions I still ask myself. I don't remember why I made monkey gestures and actions. It was related to something Patrick said, while he was watching Sheehan photograph me. None of us can remember the comment!!

And then Sheehan suggests I swing from the little tree branch, I said 'you first' and she went first!
 And then it was my turn.. 

Believe me, this was a lot more fun, than it actually looks!

I'm never throwing these shoes away. As beat and used as they are, and I got them in 2010, they are more of a sentimental value now. I might not really wear them anymore, but they belong in a special place. They've visited the cobblers a number of times and also have fine stitch lines inside and out!

Outfit Breakdown

Floral summer dress with frills - Lifestyle
Denim jacket - Gasoline (had it since I was 15 or something!)
Glow in the dark bracelets - Party collectibles
Gold neckpiece - Borrowed from the studio
Tan wedges - random shop in Venice for 10 euros

All pictures by Sheehan, except for the picture of Sheehan, which was by me!!

DIY-ing an old neckpiece


This is my rainy day post. I did this last month (or way before, I really can't remember) and I'm going to go off grid for 2 weeks now, as I'll be filming in Delhi for a while.

I also know that it's not rocket science to now primp up your old jewellery with nail paints. Everyone's been doing it with great results. Here's what I did to an old piece that I found lying around the place

Things you'll need (although its pretty much obvious!)
I always pick up cheap nail paints, like for 20-50rs each.

Testing out the shades. I like doing that so I know the end result.

Started off with the lightest shade for the beads.

 And then moved onto the turquoise blue for the first set of stones. 

 And finally added the purple to the remaining ones..

 And that's about it.. Just finish it up, and look closely at places that need 'touch-ups'

Photos by me with a Canon Rebel XT