Print on print


This wonderful little corner is just around my house. One day when I passed it (and if you follow me on Instagram you'll know) and I just stopped and looked at it properly. I saw how pretty it actually was. My childhood was spent playing chor-police (thieves and police) jumping over this very same verandah and gate. 
I just had to do an outfit post here.. And I already knew what to wear.

I selected mostly florals. Even the neck-piece and wedges had a floral print on the sides. But I don't have a close-up of either.

How pretty is the red grill door?

Outfit Breakdown

Baby pink and turquoise floral blouse - Bangkok
Star printed shorts - Chemistry
Belt - Vero Moda
Pink floral button neck piece - from a giveaway
Black, blue and pink friendship bracelets - Hill Road
Floral bracelet - Borrowed from the studio
Pink slip on mini wedges with studs - one of the Linking Road shops (can't remember which one)

I took these pictures at around 4pm, so there was no proper light. Most of these had to be 'light up' on Picasa.

All pictures by Sheehan.

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  1. love the star print shorts n stacked braclets

    Pooja K

  2. You are such a gorgeous creature. I am a fan of the print on print trend, so this is two thumbs up for me!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. Love the print on print trend and you've done a fabulous job here! :D

  4. i love the shorts!!!and those friendship bracelets..they will always remind me of school days!love the play with is indeed a very charming little corner..

    Catch me here

  5. never thought print on print could be done in such a fun way!!