Globus Stores - online review


Among all the new shopping sites available in India, (believe me, there are just too many. Every week I discover a new one!) here is something you must already be familiar with - Globus!

Frankly I wasn't even aware that they had an online shop (which I think every brand should definitely have!) but I'm sure glad they contacted me and asked me to have a look.

My top picks..

Star prints!!

A black jumpsuit is almost equivalent to an LBD! 

How cute is this skirt?
A tan sling can never let you down

Oxblood! That's the colour of the season!

I'm don't generally wear Indian and ethnic clothes myself, although I do style them on others, but these two, just blew me away with their colours and prints. I would totally wear them with tights or even as a dress!

As for the guys, they have a lot of cool stuff too. There are a lot of great checkered shirts and polo tees in various colours. And my favourite are the following. I just love message tees and goofy sayings!


1 - You sit at home, comfortably, and browse through what you want to see.
2 - Sizing should not be a problem here, because Globus has been around for 14 years now, and unless you've been living under a rock, you should know your sizes!
3 - Cash on delivery!
4 - Fashion Quotient - which is a small blog with great fashion related articles.
5 - Free shipping for orders over 1000 bucks.
6 - They deliver to Mumbai (only) within 2 days.


1 - The product images could have been better, especially the accessories. The pictures don't do justice to the bags!
2 - The store has a lot more stock, as compared to the site.
3 - There's a 12.36% tax charge on top of the shipping charges.

And to test it, I've placed my order already!Remember the tan sling from above? I've ordered it in red!

Visit Globusstores and tell me what you would pick!

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  1. Globus has been a rage lately and I see why. Their collection is eclectic and very colourful! I love the classy pieces.

    Great review, very honest


  2. ooh!! I did a store review of globus some time back too!!

    loved their bags this season!!