The wind in my hair - Outfit post


This post is for my InFB Indian fusion remix..

My interpretation of something Indian is obviously the bright and bold colors! And then there's the jewelry..
Hence I chose the hottest India hues - pink and orange, and to compliment them, there's jewelry, that is all picked up from the streets of Santa Cruz and Bandra.
I usually never wear Indian clothes, even though I live in India (and my last post was a saree!) but I still dont! I have a few salwar-chudidars/patialas which never see the light of day.. Hoping that changes a bit..

Continuing with my tie-dyed obsession (I have to hurry and finish these before fall!), here is one of the ombre tunics I picked up. Yes one of them. I picked two! Both different colors obviously!

And again a lot of greenery, and colors will follow. I have been also obsessed with color. Like maybe a little too much. But color is always good right? Why live dully when you can live in technicolor?

So moving on, believe it or not, this outfit is under 1000/- from head to toe!!

 There were a lot of issues with wind, my hair and the skirt.
 Till we got a picture that was decent!

Orange ombre tunic - from Lifestyle (Ginger) for 199/-
Pink dress (worn as a skirt here) - from Hill Road for 150/- The cool thing about this skirt/dress is that it actually is a multi-way thing. Believe me there are more than 6 ways to wear it!
Floral wedges - from Irla for 299/-
Turquoise neckpiece - Santa Cruz station road for about 125/-
Bangles - assorted, from all over!

Being chic, trendy and stylish is never expensive! You can find the best stuff, if only you look for it! Keep your eyes open always!

I really wanted to do a complete whole other outfit post, for the InFB Indian fusion remix, but currently I'm just too tied up with work. Even my last two Sundays have been working days!

All pictures by Sheehan, my little sister. She insisted I wear yellow, to stand out against the green. However I told her, she is still in her 'Brett Lee' mode and needs to see beyond yellow and green!

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  1. You look like a beautiful flower fairy or a wood nymph in your colourful glory. Love everything about this outfit, including the wind in your hair.

    Love, Miffalicious []

  2. I want those wedges. :P Like seriously! Might just ask you to courier em :P

    Btw, these pictures are your best. You look really nice with your hair all fly-ie and all that. :) I love the orange pink mix!

    Pretty you!


  3. I love this combination! Thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me, following you now on Bloglovin#7 and GF#63C!please follow back! :) Let’s stay connected! Have an amazing week!

  4. I love the colour blocking in this outfit. Loving the accessories too!

    ❤ A Pretty Little Mess

  5. I love so many things about your outfit...the necklace, especially!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  6. u look hot and the colours look amazing. Totally rocking it

  7. Wow! Love the look, and to know how inexpensive it is!!! In LOVE with your wedges....what's this store IRLA? Where is it?

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