What's your rain song?


I was really intrigued on my last outdoor shoot, when it suddenly started raining and I had to stand under a plastic sheet till it got better. Worse was we were shooting at Filmcity, in this area which I called a jungle. It was off road, on a hill side, so the minute it rained, there was a lot of water flowing down and as pleasing as the sight was, it was disgusting too! 

I was listening to music just before it happened, and the song I was listening to (JLo + Pitbull - Dance Again) always gets me in a good mood. And I started relating my clothes to the rain and to the song.. My bright floral tunic and pleather pants seemed just so apt. I had these sudden urges to jump into the rain and dance!

So hence this post is based a bit on that madness of mine..

It's all about some rain songs, their emotions and outfits.

The most classic rain song isn't it? To me its just Broadway inspired!
Classic means a nice trench, a red dress and pretty accessories. Every step in this outfit would make me feel like my life is a musical. Perfect for date night!

Best lyricsLet the stormy clouds chaseEveryone from the placeCome on with the rainI've a smile on my faceI walk down the laneWith a happy refrainJust singin'Singin' in the rain

This is the happy rain song. I can picture myself walking on the streets, in my favorite and colorful clothes, with a super big smile on my face! As hot as the yellow trench is, I might just lose it midway, to keep the raindrops falling all over!

Best lyricsRaindrops keep fallin' on my headBut that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' redCryin's not for meCause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'Because I'm freeNothin's worrying me

"Rain fall down" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
Not really much of a rain song, because it has the word rain just in the chorus, but this song would get me in the mood. Hell I might even want to rock my Jagger moves! :-P Everything is just so British and in a good way! It's a mixture of sexy (the jacket and pants) with girly (the bag and trims on the umbrella)

Best lyrics
And the rain fell downOn the cold hard groundAnd the phone kept ringingAnd we made sweet love

Rain - Mika
This would be the dreading about the rain and all the mucky-ness. It might just help to wear some colorful accessories, to lift up your mood, and make you feel better. The rains in Mumbai can be pretty gnarly, especially when it comes to travelling and if you don't have a car pick-up and drop!

Best lyricsMore than this whatever it isBaby, I hate days like thisCaught in a trap I can't look backBaby I hate days like thisWhen it rain, it rain, it rain, it rains x 4

This is by far the most ecstatic rain song ever. I would probably be jumping all over, and dancing in the rain, splashing in the puddles, and just love the feel of everything around me. Hence the bright colors again. 

Best lyrics
Ay ay ayAy ay ayLet it rain over meAy ay ayAy ay ayLet it rain over me

Please note, all these songs are the ones that I relate to, and like listening to. There probably are hundreds of rain songs, and I can't cover them all!!

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  1. This is such a cute post, Roxanne, I love it! I'm going to try to find my rain song and let you know what it is.

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