Super Saturday


If you live in Mumbai, do drop by at the Khar Only, Vero Moda and Jack&Jones store for Super Saturday! Where everything will be flat 60% off! You can scream now!!
How exciting right? And judging from how great it was last year, I'm sure it's gonna be crazy this time too!!

What I got last time
- A white tee with a flag print.
- A blackish grey pair of distressed denims
- A navy t-back tunic with gold buttons
- A denim shirt tunic
- A cream lace tube dress
- A Jack&Jones printed shirt for my bf
- A black blazer

And I got all of the 7 items above for about 5,226/- Crazy right? 

And for company sake I dragged my mum and sister along too. And they broke and they also splurged on their own stuff, buying 8-9 different things (mostly dresses) for about 6470/-!

What I loved about the sale last time.
- The prices!! Ha!

- The stocks. I went in at around 9am and shopped. After that I went to work, and at 8pm decided to go back just for fun. When I returned, I saw everything that I bought in the morning, still available, in various sizes. So there was no such thing as 'go early and get the better stuff'

- Water! Yes it was really sweet that (free) water was available to all the tired shoppers

- The management. It was truly managed well. Loved how the bottom was transformed into the check out counter, and Only and Vero Moda were merged together on the first floor.

What I didn't quite like a lot..
- Sometimes the lines got too long, and you had to wait.. I was lucky enough to not wait both times, but I could see the frustration.

- The check-out counter policy. When I was at the counter, all my items were scanned, and I realized I went slightly over my budget, so I told the guy there to exclude the t-shirt, and he said that once things are scanned, they can't be 'un-scanned'/put back. Really? My bill wasn't even printed yet.. But I didnt let that bring me down.

- The management. Yes I know I said I loved the management, but when I went back in the evening, I saw a lot of clothes thrown around, tags ripped off, slight damages, etc. I know only shoppers are to be blamed for this, but the people managing could at least pick up discarded garments from the floor and keep them elsewhere! Me and my friend walked around, and I was picking up trampled dresses and tops and keeping them away.

- The trail rooms. Well if you do manage to get to the trial rooms, then I salute you. 

- The shopping bags. Not the carry bags after check-out but the bags that you carry your stuff in till the check-out. I was in one of the first lots to enter the store, and I saw girls go bonkers and grab those very limited bags, and by the end of the day, there were just none! I think they all got destroyed!

How to prepare yourself for Super Saturday!

1 - Dress comfortably, minimum accessories, because in the hoopla of crazy running and screaming girls, you could get lost, or worse stuck somewhere (between a tug of war) , or your nice pearl beads will be all over the floor! And remember you're not here to show off and strut your stuff!

2 - Its usually always better to visit the store before hand, see whats available, and what size you will fit into because sales like these have a 'No exchange, no return' policy.

3 - Carry and umbrella. The lines to get into the store can be long and if you're stuck waiting out in the rains, well that would definitely be a mood dampener right? And there is no nearby shade that you can run to, and even if there is, will you get out for the line?!?!

4 - If you are planning on buying a whole new wardrobe, get your own shopping/carry bag to store your garments till the check out counter. Its better than dragging all the clothes in your hands, at the risk of having a few fall off and get lost! Cloth and canvas bags are best, so you can fold them and out them wherever you want to.

5 - Have a good breakfast/meal. Sounds silly right? But in a crowded place with people pushing and shoving and a lot of amazing clothes all around, claustrophobia and low blood sugar levels are your worst enemy!!

6 - Download an e-ticket to beat the lines on the facebook page!!

Have a Super Saturday everyone and Happy Shopping!!!

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