Day 3 - Hongkong


We decided to go to the Peak.. So it was a walk to the pier and then a ferry ride t the other side.. And from there a bus ride to the 'Peak Tram'. And did I mention Madame Tussards was also included in the Peak thing?? Yes it was!! Buy while purchasing our tickets a gloomy sigh read that Johnny Depp and Naomi Campbell would not be available for viewing!! What a disappointment!!

Warning! Lots of pictures!!!

 The ferry ride.. 
 The tram!

The pretty views..

Free wi-fi, so everyone was very busy with their phones!
 Including me..
 12979 km to New York!
 And 9641 km to London!

 And then finally!!

Some random TV person and my sister..
Another random person.. We played dress up with..
 My sister became part of a very famous painting!
 And taught Shakespeare some new lingo
 Oh and look who we ran into!! The Bollywood family which is on a tour. They left Madame Tussards and visited Bangkok and HongKong and we were lucky to meet them here!
 Having some fun with Marilyn!
 And then Beckham.. Look I have to stand on my toes!
This is how much we both dislike Robert..
 Sorry if we offended any Edward fans!
Getting cheeky with Gandhi!
There's a new Queen in town!
And Obama has a new secretary!

 Teaching Einstein some new things..
 My sister is soo obsessed with pigs. She loves them so much that she doesn't eat pork!
 Spiderman to the rescue!
 007 and Miss size 0 (thats what my aunt said!)
 Dress up with Madonna
AAAH Lady Gaga (I'm a little monster!)
Ok I'm also a huge Freddie fan!
 Back to the hotel? Just to freshen up.. We had other plans..
 Every evening at 8 there's a light show.. 
 A Symphony of lights
 See the lights!

Outfit Breakdown
Printed black tee from Urban Outfitters
Grey hooded sweatshirt from Forever 21
Blue jeggings from Vero Moda
Purple kitty flipflops from Linking Road
Yellow snakeskin sling (yes I carried it throughout the trip!) from Zara

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