Day 2 - Hong Kong


Day 2 was a pretty windy day.. We decided to go to Ngong Ping and Tian Tan, where a cable car takes you up high from mountain to mountain to an island where there's a giant Buddha statue at the top.

The cable car ride..
 We got a view of the airport!
 The tree of prayers (or something like that!)
 Wonder how this girl climbed all these stairs in those shoes? Which I simply adore. I'm a sucker for animal prints!
The beautiful statue which actually is bronze, but looks gray..
 And suddenly it starts drizzling a bit.. And then raining.. Doesnt stop me from taking pictures! Glad we also carried a water proof camera!
 Loved her colors! Noise Crazy Party indeed!
With all the rain and mist this was a necessity. Thankfully I found one in my favorite color!
Wet shoes!! Thankfully I didnt wear the other leather oxfords!  
 My sister and her silly but cute picture ideas
 Vegetarian chicken with vegetable?
 What a cute cheerful look.. I actually loved it!
 I fell in love with that cute bunny scarf! I think I'm gonna try a DIY and hand paint that..
 Neon shoes!!

The day did not end here. We went street shopping after that.. Too busy to take pictures. And at one point, my feet started aching so bad that I removed my shoes and walked for a while!!

Outfit breakdown
Black shirt borrowed from my aunt's closet
Front button denim skirt from Only
Yellow snakeskin from Zara TRF
Animal print sunnies from Goa (street shopping)
Red ballet flats gifted by aunt
Animal print neckpiece from Colaba Causeway
Pink cloth bag from Aeropostale

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