Day 1 - HongKong


Well I'm already back.. But I had such a blast that I'll do a day to day break-down of my trip.. Infact I was ready to post on my first day there, however the hotel wi-fi charges were astonishingly high!!

I landed in HongKong along with my sister at 2pm.. We were adventurous and took the express train instead of the suggested taxi. We saved a few dollars, whoo hoo! And then we went for a walk around our hotel and then waited for my aunt and cousin to arrive from their Dubai flight. They got to the hotel at around 8pm or so..

So here are some of our rambling, getting to know the place pictures..

The first proper picture turned out blurry and not so proper after all! My silly camera does not adjust focus by itself, hence if the person clicking the pic is blind, then it must go into the recycle bin!

 My sister absorbed with the Ferrari parked at the hotel! There was also a Porsche next to it.. 

 And then the bikes.. I think my sister should have been a guy!

 And then theres me obsessed with Gucci!

Slightly blurred again!

 Her's turned out better. Proves who's the better 'photographer'

 Just something funny

My sister and me almost entered this sushi joint but had a change of mind because of our cousin (who has been not exposed to such stuff yet)

Outfit breakdown 
Checkered 'Zara' dress bought from Linking Road
Braided Belt from Vero Moda
Blue oxfords from La Judi (Hill Road)
Yellow snakeskin bag from Zara TRF
Multiple cross pendant neck piece from Linking Road

Sorry for no close ups.. My sister is really not interested in having me as a model I guess!

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  1. Great post sweetie!

    Hong Kong is a beautiful country!

    Kisses *CB*