Clutch That!


Clutch bags. My obsession for a long time now. Why? Because it's so freaking cute! and very versatile too.

 I recently bought one from HongKong with studs (my favorite) and this particular 'clutch' doubles up as a wristlet, an across body bag, and a clutch with a mini strap and of course a plain old clutch.. I'm totally in LOVE with it. I got it just yesterday, because while packing in HK, it went in my aunt's luggage and ended up in Dubai, but we are together again at last!!

So since for the last 24 hours, I have been looking very lovingly at my new bag, I decided to analyse other clutch bags too.. 

Here are some of my favorite picks..

"The Envelope Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
There's something really cute and very girly about envelope clutches. It's like carrying around a piece of your favorite mail, in a cute color or print. And don't worry, you will not look like a mail man if you carry one of these! Yes my sister says the silliest things at times!!


"The Quilted Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
Anything quilted reminds me of Chanel. Like these black ballerinas I had, which got worn out, so I bought another new one.. And then another.. Something about quilting is just so classic and yet  so modern. Owning at least one quilted bag is a must I say, irregardless  whether if it's a clutch or any other type!


"The Over Sized Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
On some days, when you have a lot to carry around, these babies are the best. Stuff whatever you want in them!


"The fun quirky clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
Sometimes a clutch is so boring you just have to take it up a notch. Onto a completely different level. These beauties are hot stuff, and are best suited for night outs or drinks with the girls (because only girls will appreciate it, boys make fun!)

"The Wristlet Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
If you don't like carrying a clutch in your hands, adopt one of these wristlets, and let it just dangle along from your wrist.. This is what I call a lazy person's clutch!


"The Box Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
This is probably the more subtle version of the quirky one. If you are not that bold enough, one of these will do just fine. Again perfect for parties and night outs.


Now if only I could have them all!! *DREAMS*

Sets made with Polyvore and all other images from Chictopia

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  1. Hey hey lovely lady. This is a great post; I've always had a love-hate relationship with clutches, because sometimes I just think they are too impractical as bags (because I tend to lug my life's worth around). I'm slowly starting to use more of them now, so this is a good guide for me to have a variety of them in my closet.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Wow some seriously cute clutches there. I love quirky ones and the padded ones are so chic- very Chanel!

    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  3. Ah! Such a pretty post! Love the clutches!

  4. In love with them!
    - Style Diaries

  5. OMG! I never knew so many types of clutches exist!!