I'm off on holiday!


Ok so tonight I'm off to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok! So excited! My sister and myself will travel from here and meet my aunt and cousin in Hong Kong (they're flying over from Dubai)

So I'm going to shop a lot (hopefully) as I'm travelling very light, if you know what I mean!
I have been to Bangkok 5-6 years ago, and I loved it then, and now that I've grown up a little more and I am more into fashion and other stuff, I'm gonna go totally bonkers there!!

I'll share a few pictures from my last trip! 

Tuk tuk ride with my dad and sister

When we get tired browsing through (we just plonk ourselves on the side-walk)

Animal lovers like me can have a blast if they go to the right places..

My sister got molested by a monkey! LMAO

Only in Bangkok right?

Frog lady - as my sister and me refer to her till date!

Family picture!

This was the time when both my sister and me were going through our punk rock phase, hence the band tees, the ripped jeans and everything..
I got those purple things in my hair on one of the streets, and I had them for over 2 months!

Cant wait to go back, click new pictures and share them with you guys! This time I promise no more band tees from both of us!

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  1. I love the photo of you and the baby tiger :)

  2. Love, love the photos! Love the purple things in your hair, it looks lovely on you! <3 the tiger cub picture! Adorable! Have a blast! Looking forward to your pictures from the trip! :)