ILEX bags


I have been frantically searching for pictures from the fashion show in March that I mostly styled.. 
Basically it was a shoe and accessory show, and we have 7 shoe brands (Alberto toressi, Banish, Bata, Inc 5, Woodlands, Enroute) and 1 bag brand in, so we had to style each line accordingly.

Tried my best to find these pictures on google, also on the website of the company which had a few random ones, none of the shoes or the entire head-toe look whatsoever! 
So I finally decided to mail all of the brands to ask if they had any pictures, and well here 1 have one brand for now..

This is ILEX bags, who has their workshop in Rome (hence the Italian style) and can be found in more than 200 boutiques across London, Milan, Vienna, Brussels etc.

They specifically asked us for everything to be white, so we used whites with a few prints and pops of colors to match the bags.

Here are some of the show pictures...

This was one of my favorite dresses and I love the bag too.

I must apologize for the photos, they really dont do justice to the clothes or the bags.. And there were a lot more models for this brand - 12 girls and 2 boys and this is all I managed to get! And I know there are shadows on all of them! If I only knew how bad it would have been, I would have asked my mum or sister to capture some pictures!!!

Visit their website here
.. They are opening soon in India!

Hopefully I'll manage to find better and more pictures for the other brands!

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