Dabboo Ratnani


Dabboo Ratnani, one of the most famous photographers in India, so famous that he has probably shot with every big Indian Bollywood star. However for the past year, I have been wondering how did he get to this level. Sure he is talented, but he is not at all original.

Last, last December (2010) I just started working for a stylist based in Juhu, and she once sent me and my colleague the following picture and asked us to keep wrist straps and scarves ready and to pratice knotting the scarf like in this image. 

Masha Novoselova

This picture is from ELLE Spain, and that day my friend/colleague and myself got busy in the studio looking for similar things. And then in the end we came up with 2 black leather wrist straps, one plain and one textured, one tan, and another white one. And from the workshop below, we got at least 6-7 different scarves made from different fabrics lying below. We also practiced tying the scarf on each other' hands, trying to get the twist right. I was supposed to go on that shoot, and it was supposed to be Aishwarya Rai.. Of course I was kind of excited even though she isn't my favorite person.

And in the end, it turned out the shoot was on Christmas Eve, and I had my own church obligations (and Xmas parties) so I had to skip it, and my friend went instead, to help take this picture. 

And soon Dabboo sent our studio a complimentary calender.. And this next picture caught my eye..

Akshay Kumar's picture looked very similar to Zac Efron's picture. 

And finally, here is Asin, part of the same calendar. 

I never though much about this, until I worked with another photographer, who happened to assist Ratnani back in the day, and he pointed out that this was shot with Sonali Bendre already..

The concept is the same, and so is the photographer, at least here he has copied one of his own pictures, and not some other photographers like the ones above.

I'm sure if I do look and research more, I will find more 'inspired' pictures.

Now the big question, why doesn't anyone take action here? How can someone just blatantly rip off someone else's ideas and concepts?

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  1. My God - The pictures are practically dupes of each other, specially the Vidya one. There is really no originality left here, is it ?

    Btw, I really like your blog Roxanne - You write really well ! Keep going strong! PS: I'm your newest follower !