Betsey Johnson Spring RTW


I cant tell you how much I love and adore this collection.. Betsy is just so cute and bubbly and it really shows..

There was nothing vexed about Johnson's take on sex this season—she got her inspiration from burlesque; the invitation to her show featured an illustration of tits and ass; and the collection itself was presented with her usual crazy exuberance. But it was the lack of vexed-ness that made the show interesting, because what Johnson posited was a kind of power-slut look.

From what I can see, the show was opened by a woman (Lulu, who is Betsey's daughter!) with a lovely curvy figure, something we rarely see in the fashion world, and this woman is all smiles cuz she knows she looks awesome. She also makes an appearance later on, mind you, both times in figure hugging dresses that show off what a real woman's body is and should be like.

Love the lingerie inspired clothes, the progression of the colors. The looks are styled to perfection, with statement neck pieces, a few lacy gloves and very cute shoes..  But my two favorite outfits have to be the animal print trousers with the lacy lingerie corset and cardie (well I'm a sucker for animal prints) and the other is the fitted black dress with the spinal cord and rib cage, cuz its just so cutely Gothic.. 

What's your favorite?

Did anyone else also notice that all the girls had a tiny red heart? on their left chest area?

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