8 Lessons High Heels Taught Me About Myself


I Will Endure and Survive:
There are moments in my life when I feel as if I cannot take one more step, bear any more stress, or suffer the pain of another heartache. I just want to turn to life, yell “I quit”, sit in a corner and watch it past me by. Then, while wallowing in all my despair, I walk to my shoe closet and grab a pair of heels that only two days ago I promised myself I would never wear again. Why? Because, they left my feet battered and bruised. Why am I going to wear them again? Because, (and really this should be obvious) not only are they to die, I look magnificent when I wear them. So, I disregard (and forgive them for) all the pain and the blisters that they have caused and wear them on my feet for the next four hours. That’s when I know that if I can endure this excruciating discomfort, I can endure the pain, stress, and heartaches that come in life. I will survive, I will fight on, and I will continue.

Model: Jessica White
Photographer: Adrian Nina
Heels: Christian Louboutin

I am Not Superwoman but I’m Damn Near Close:

I may not have a cape on my back, but I have 5-inch heels on my feet. In my heels, I have displayed strength, durability, stamina, and speed. I have yet to see Superwoman wake up, get dressed, slip on a pair of 5.5-inch heels, get her children to their destinations, jump on a city bus, go to work, do a 9 to 5 bid, pick-up the dry-cleaning, stop at the store (still in heels) grab dinner, and bring it all home. All while playing the role of peace keeper, personal assistant, and secretary throughout the day for family, friends, and co-workers. This is a 5 days a week feat not just when there is a signal flashed in the air . . . or is that for Batwoman . . . well, you know what I mean.
Source: Nuyou Singapore

Model: Anastasia Kuznetsova
Photographer: Wee Khim
Heels: Lanvin

Just Because I Fall Does Not Mean I Stay Down:

Ladies, it has happened to us all, we may have gotten our heel caught in a crack. We may have not have landed our foot perfectly on the steps we are descending, which caused us to stumble. Then, there is the dreaded ankle twist. It is those unexpected mishaps that happen to us all as we are traveling the paths of our dreams. We all experience mishaps or have obstacles pop up as we are trying to chase our dreams. Sadly, the first thing we want to do is abandon our dream. We take those obstacles as signs we should quit. Well, I may have slipped out of a pair of heels before and stumbled a bit but, I have never screamed, “Forget high heels, I will never wear another pair as long as I live.” I did remind myself to just pay more attention to where I step. Likewise, when chasing a dream, if an obstacle pops up, we only need to look for ways to overcome the obstacles not an excuse to quit.

Source: Vogue China July 2010
Model: Georgia May Jagger
Photographer: Max Vadukul
Heels: Balenciaga

It is Okay to Let Go:

We all have those heels in our closet that we know it is time to part ways with. We have been holding on to them for one reason or the other. Some have been sitting in our closets unworn for years, others we hold on to because of the price we paid for them, others are just a favorite pair that have seen better days. Whether you need to donate them or throw them away, no matter how much it hurts, it is time to let them go. It is like that with the past, sometimes we hold on to the pain, anger, and insecurities we suffered and bring it (continually) into our future (even before we step into it). By letting go of my high heels I know it is okay to shed the past and leave it lying behind me. It is okay to start fresh, to embrace new possibilities, and believe in all the blessings the future will bring.
Source: Vogue China December 2010

Model: Ming Xi
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain

Sometimes I Need to Have “Me” Time:

I love my heels, I really do, however, some days I just need a foot massage and a pair of slippers. Some days, I want to spend the day in my tennis shoes or ballet flats. Some days, I need time off from wearing high heels. As a woman, that is a valuable lesson. Yes, you are a wife, a mother, a sister, an employee, a CEO, and so many other important roles to others; however, you are also a human being. We all have our limits and our moments when we need to step back and take a breath. It is okay to tell your family, friends and your job that you need to take some “me” time. Always make the time to pamper yourself, rejuvenate your mind, and lift your spirit.

Model: Sophie Vlaming
Photographer: Taki Bibelas
Heels: Christian Dior

I am Wonderful:

When I slide a pair of high heels on my feet, there is a mighty force that fills my soul and surrounds my being. I walk around (everywhere I go) like a model on the catwalk. My breasts are bouncing, my hips are swaying, my hair is blowing behind me, Beyonce’s songs are playing . . . (I am not being overly dramatic). No, I do not need a pair of high heels to know I am wonderful but, they are a great reminder.
Source: Elle Turkey

Model: Sandra
Photographer: Tamer Yilmaz
Heels: Miu Miu

I am Worthy:

My closet may not be filled with every designer high heel I desire. I may not be able to afford every designer high heel I desire. Yet neither statement suggests that I have to settle for any cheap heel I can get my hand on. Reading about, viewing, and dreaming of designer heels is a reminder that I deserve to have the finest things in my life. I do not have to settle whether it is fashion, career, or in love.
Source: Vogue China January 2011

Model: Dree Hemingway
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Heels: Lanvin

Always Walk Confidently:

The first advice I give when teaching someone to walk in high heels, you must walk with confidence. If you lack confidence it will reflect in every step you take. It is the same in our daily living. We must exude confidence with every interaction we have with others, every plan we put forward, and every goal we go after. Confidence helps one to walk fiercely (overused word), overcome anything, and gain everything.

source: Elle Russia
Model: Marloes Horst
Photography: Erez Sabag
Heels: Prada

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