Rules of going SHEER


Tempted by transparency but afraid of revealing too much? Michael Kors shares his see-through rules..

Be sexy, not naked.
Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
Do balance revealing pieces with covered-up ones, like Kerry Washington’s skirt.
Don’t show a lot of skin at the same time. Sheer + bare = TMI.
"The Dos & Don'ts of Going Sheer" \\ Kerry Washington \\ Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
Experiment with sheer prints
Photo: Cathy Crawford
Do match lingerie to your skin when wearing a dress like this one from MM Couture by Miss Me.
Don’t match your underpinnings to the print—you’ve got enough going on.
"The Dos & Don'ts of Going Sheer" \\ Printed sheer dress \\ Photo: Cathy Crawford
Embrace some lace
Photo: Christopher Peterson/Buzzfoto/
Do know black lace is the easiest sheer fabric to wear. Or try gray or navy, as Blake Lively and Mia Wasikowska did.
Don’t sport head-to-toe white lace unless you’re familiar with the lyrics to “Like a Virgin.” Ecru and ivory are better options for nonbridal moments.
"The Dos & Don'ts of Going Sheer" \\ Blake Lively in gray lace dress \\ Photo: Christopher Peterson/Buzzfoto/
Try a long-sleeve chiffon blouse
Photo: Richard Young/Rex USA
Do wear a solid cami underneath, as Florence Welch is doing. It's a look that works, very Catherine Deneuve.
Don’t layer lacy camisoles and bras under transparent tops for day—only at night.
"The Dos & Don'ts of Going Sheer" \\ Florence Welch \\ Photo: Richard Young/Rex USA
Bring sheer to the beach
Photo: Fairchild Archive
Do pair a see-through skirt with a longer top as a cover-up.
Don't layer sheer over a flesh-toned suit. You don’t want to disappear!

"The Dos & Don'ts of Going Sheer" \\ Model in white outfit \\ Photo: Fairchild Archive

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