A pirate's loot - Awesome statement necklaces inspired by buried treasure!


Many of these brilliant pieces are so brilliant! you have to own at least one of them!

And of course it will certainly burn a big hole in your pocket, if not then I envy you!. Anyways for us less fortunate ones, we have to look far and near for great bargains.. So I would suggest checking some second hand shops for gems and stones that can be polished and re-used, chains of all sizes and shapes will be easily available if you know where to find them, and then with your own imagination, create your own master piece!

Check out DIY some tips!

The dramatic blue crystal that's the size of my fist is the highlight of this Erickson Beamon necklace($605).

True story: this Lulu Frost "100 Years" necklace($1,925) was made from jewels from every decade from 1860-1960.

Bright blue crystals wrapped in chains make thisDannijo Isadore necklace ($695) look like it was literally pulled out from a mess of treaure.

We adore the colorful mix of Swarovski crystals in this Frangos necklace ($398).

We like to think there are real diamonds this big on Treasure Island, but we'll work with this awesomeVera Wang big crystal necklace ($795).

Obviously there has to be room for feathers and leather, in case the pirate in you wants to dress up, so go for this Fenton necklace ($750).

The dangly chains and purple cubic zirconia are punkish cool on this Yochi necklace ($108).

It's like a hundred necklaces mixed together in one decadent Fenton necklace ($663).

This Camilla James necklace ($495) is like a beachy glam version of treasure with the beads and glittering stone, all wrapped up in severe chains.

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