So finally here is an update on 'my work'.. Well the following are three aspiring actresses/models, and their respective portfolio shots (taken from my blackberry of course)..

Each girl had 7-8 changes and each look had to be different and sexy or cute or whatever the photographer and me decided..


So without further ado...

Girl 1 - Anvesha
Anvesha was a shy quiet girl, who had this thing about her feet, and she never let me touch them even to help her put on her shoes! She kept asking me why was I giving her low necks and low backs and short hems, and I kept trying to explain, the photographer wanted her in a sexy avatar for the entire shoot, she she had to show leg or cleavage or even both..

Look 1 - A very soft and fresh look, more  like a skin care advert..
She wore a tan wrap cardigan for this shot.

Look 2 - Part 1 was a very flirty and playful look where she wore a pink polka bra and a tiny white shrug with a pink (sporty style) skirt with suspenders

Part 2 was the same outfit but with a different skirt and a with a lot more of sex appeal

Look 3 - A close-up look in which we gave Anvesha a very glamorous image.
She wore a midnight blue dress with a deep cut out neck. Also a cute head piece with rosette in black and blue earrings and a ring to match.

Look 4 - A sexy short LBD with a low back.


Look 5 - A soft and sensuous shot where she wore a floaty chiffon dress and sat in the sunlight.


Look 6 - A rglam rockstar look where she was given a sequined bra and a sequined vest with a lot of chains on the top, with jade green jeggings and a pair of black boots.

Look 7 - An Indian look, where Anvesha wore a white georgette saree with a white sequined blouse accessorized with (blingy) bangles, earrings and a ring. In some shots, pic.2, she also wore a bid red 'bindi' (the dot on the forehead) and for some others, pic.3, she held the 'pallu' of the saree (the drape over the shoulder) at her waist.

Look 8 - A very sexy cowl red dress with messy hair.. By this time, Anvesha was out of her shell, and looked amazing and also gave us really good pictures.

Girl 2 - Chitra Jain
Chitra was pretty out spoken, and she did not come to me for fittings, so I had to carry a lot of other options, cuz I was not sure what would fit and also look good on her at the same time..

Look 1 (close-ups) - Again a very soft look where Chitra wore a pastel pink tank top with shorts.

Look 2 - A just woken up from sleep, reading a magazine and drinking coffee look quite literally!!
She wore a black tank with white shorts and had a coffee mug and a magazine as props

Look 3 - A day wear gown which we shot outdoors.. Chitra was given a printed gown with a large slit with accessories to match.. We also had a lot of curious spectators too..

Look 4 -  A casual chic denim look, where she wore a sequined bra with a light grey denim vest and her own dark blue jeans (since the black I took for her did not fit) She also wore her own boots..

Look 5 - The short party dress look, where she wore a short frill layered tube dress in shades from orange to maroon.

Look 6 - Indian look where she wore a mauve saree with lovely matching accesories..

Look 7 - Indian Bridal look, where she wore a pink ghagra choli with accessories in pure Indian style.

Girl 3 - Avantika
Avantika was almost pint sized in height, very cute and bubbly, and very sweet. We had a fun time when she came to me a day before the shoot for the fittings, and she was very co-operative with whatever I suggested.. She insisted in a bikini and sarong look, which I did not have (unfortunately) and soon after the fittings, the photographer called me and asked for the same and also wanted a 'sporty' look..

Look 1 - Like always, a soft and close-up shot of face that will convince people the model can be cast in a skin/hair commercial/ad. She wore a brown rufled neckline dress.

Look 2 - Bikini and Sarong look (Yes I found a 'bikini' in the studio, and slashed some material that matched to make a sarong!) So in the end she wore a turquoise bikini bra, with a colorful sarong at the waist and her own shoes.. She however was very distracted with the fan that we were using for her hair..

Look 3 - Indian playful look. Avantika wore a cute baby pink anarkali, with matching blingy accessories. Sorry for the lack of light in some pics!

Look 4 - The sporty look.. I gave Avantika my own purple shoes (or my sister's actually) and my knee high socks, with aqua blue shorts, a black halter with croquet and a pastel pink hoodie..

Look 5 - The sassy chic look, where Avantika wore an electric blue dress with yellow accessories..

Look 6 - The sexy gown look, where she wore a black gown with a huge statement neck piece.. The photographer seemed very very happy, and gave me a 'Well done' pat on the back for this shot.

Look 7 - Indian bridal look, where she wore a red corset with a ghagra skirt and accessories to match

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