Fashion 2010: The Year In Review


Phoebe Philo Ushers In The Age of Minimalism—There's no disguising the fact that the tides of fashion have been a-changin'. From exaggerated, rococo decadence of years past to the current strain of stream-lined, classic pieces, the Céline girl is now—without reservation—girl to know, be, and/or date.

Alexander McQueen Dies—It came as a shocking, heart-breaking news to the fashion and design world over that Alexander McQueen had committed suicide just days before the commencement of London Fashion Week in early February. Fellow designers, musicians, and fashion obsessives mourned the loss of one of the true great artists of contemporary fashion, as well as an end to an era of beautifuly imaginative, show-stopping creations.

Lady Gaga Dons PETA's Worst Nightmare—2010 has been full of boundary-pushing fashion thanks to Daphne Guinness, Ke$ha, Beyonce, and more—but none let their freak flag fly quite as high as Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards. Gaga rocked a carnivorous creation of a dress made entirely out of raw meat. As usual, everyone was abuzz over whether the meaty maven was downright offensive, or—in typical Gaga way—a balancing act that weighed more towards head-scratchingly awesome.

Kate Middleton Upcoming Wedding—The biggest news of the past few weeks has been of Kate Middleton's engagement to Bachelor No.1, Prince William. The buzz surrounded the fairy-tale wedding hasn't even reached a fever pitch yet, and brands like Reiss and Bruce Oldfield have been elevated to celebrity status.

The Year's Fur-nomenon—Once relegated to tottering, Upper-East-Side octogenarians and the very, very tacky, fur made a comeback in a big, hairy way. Whether it was cruelty-free or real-as-all-get-out, fur bags, fur shoes, fur coats, and even fur pants (thanks, Karl) became de rigueur for an in-the-now wardrobe. Of course, not all of it was cute.

Lanvin for H&M Inspires Frenzy—Everyone gets a little giddy at the mention of designer collaborations on the cheap, but this year's Lanvin for H&M took things to an entirely new level of craziness. In addition to a bevy of collection previews that succeeded in everyone—everywhere—counting down the days 'til the collection's unveiling, H&M also hosted a full-on runway event in which bloggers and fashion-insiders could get a peep at the pieces in their most high-fashion incarnations. A new strain of collaboration? We're not sure everyone could handle it all over again - but it's safe to say that the bar has been raised.

Bye Bye, Bryant Park! Hello Lincoln Center!—It was truly the end of an era, with the tents at Bryant Park relocating to the further uptown Lincoln Center. Loads of show-goers bemoaned the move (namely, those situated in Times Square), but some of us (read: us) found the relocation to be more than welcome. No more random crowds of tourists—good riddance!

Fashion Editor Musical Chairs—Anne Christensen, Stefano Tonchi, Sharon Clott, and, of course, Sally Singer, all swapped positions like Silly Bandz. Mastheads reshuffled like a game of 54 pick-up, and by the end of the year, no publication's staff resembled what it was at the beginning of the year.

Gap's Unfortunate Logo Redesign—While vintage inspirations ran rampant in the world of graphic design, GAP didn't quite look far back enough. Their new, pared-down logo drew heaps of comparisons to Microsoft Word circa '95 and widespread horror at its fugliness. The company responded by crowdsourcing for better options. We responded by taking off our blindfolds

American Apparel's Dollars In Rocky Waters—Hipsters everywhere have been holding their breath in 'say-it-ain't-so' anticipation since news broke that American Apparel was, economically speaking, sailing through less than smooth waters. Last we heard, AA was more than $91 million dollars in debt, but C.E.O and notorious creeper Dov Charney still denies any real threat to the brand's life expectancy. Fingers crossed that our favorite spot to get every color everything will pull out like a champ (er, excuse our innuendo! Dov would be proud.).

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