2010's Best and Worst-Dressed Celebs


2010 was all about bold risk-takers, plus some A-listers who looked sophisticated, practically without even trying—Carey Mulligan, Kate Bosworth, Anne Hathaway, we're talking about you. 

But it's not all highlights, and some of the biggest headlines were made by some of the worst looks of the year (oh, Taylor Momsen!) So here are some of the most noteworthy celeb style moments of 2010, including the good, the bad, and the unfortunately ugly.

Best: Carey Mulligan—Most Consistently Chic Newcomer:Whether she was rocking The Row, Preen, or Louis Vuitton, Carey Mulligan always made us "ooh and ahh" with her sophisticated take on starlet style. The always-elegant Carey didn't make one misstep on the red carpet with her consistently gorgeous gowns and outfits, and we doubt she'll start anytime soon.

Best: Kate Bosworth—Most Likely To Rock A Runway Look First:Not only was this the year that the effortlessly edgy Kate Bosworth took on the role of designer, but she also made us green with envy by stepping out in fresh-off-the-runway threads before any other star. Her neon Proenza Schouler ensemble will go down as one of our favorite fashion moment of the year, and since we don't know anyone else who can make minimal Jil Sander look so perfect, we had to raise our glasses to Kate.

Best: Michelle Williams—Most Polished Use Of A Party Dress:Valentino, Chanel Haute Couture, and Suno are all wardrobe staples for this Brooklyn-based mom. Her amazing ability to always pair the most gorgeous dresses and high-impact heels with her adorable blond pixie continues to keep this all-star actress at the top of our best-dressed list.

Best: Anne Hathaway—Glitziest Glam Gal:It was toss-up between Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway, but considering how much the girl loves a sequin frock, and how many outfit changes she'll have to make while hosting the Oscars early next year, we bet Anne's sparkling style will continue to impress and light the way.

Worst: Taylor Momsen—Worst Courtney Love Impersonation:Jenny Humphrey, where are you? Taylor Momsen has come a long way since her commercial Shake 'n' Bake days, and not exactly in the good way. Now that she's on indefinite hiatus from Gossip Girl, Taylor is going full-force with her band The Pretty Reckless and really playing up the Courtney Love element. The problem is we already have a Courtney Love, and she does it much better.

Best: Emma Watson—Best Hair Overhaul:Emma Watson may have played it safe for years as Hermione Granger, but the second the HP cameras stopped rolling she lopped off her locks and transformed from a cute kid to a gorgeous gamine. We love her high fashion turn in Burberry and Miu Miu, and can't wait to see what she does—and wears—in 2011.

Worst: Leighton Meester—Most Likely To Be Overshadowed By Blake:Leighton Meester is pretty much our favorite part of Gossip Girl and one of the only reasons we still watch. But for some reason, it seems that it's always Blake, Blake, Blake! Leighton's steadily been doing her fashion-legwork, though, shooting a campaign for Vera Wang perfume and always being clad in straight-off-the-runway pieces from super-hot designers like Proenza Schouler. Sure she sometimes rocks a questionable outfit or two (remember that cropped sweater and kilt?) But we're pulling hard that 2011 will be year of the Meester!

Worst: Ke$ha—Star Most Likely To Channel A Derelicte Look:Maybe we missed the memo, but we're not quite sure when the Derelicte look came back into fashion (it was sooooo 2001). While we have to admit Tik-Tok was pretty catchy, we can't really get on board with any of Ke$ha's looks. Somebody give this girl a shower. Please. We don't care if it's just glitter.

Best: Elle Fanning—Rising Fashion Star:In our humble opinion, Tavi and Elle Fanning are the only two pre-teens who can pull off a head-to-toe Rodarte look, and only Elle can do it while strolling the red carpet with Sofia Coppola. We’re all about having a fresh face get excited about playing with fashion, so we can’t wait to see where this budding super-star has in store for us.

Worst: JWoww—The Worst Dresser With Potential:What does this mean exactly? We're not quite sure... just that this shot of JWoww confused us a little and made us wonder if the worst of the worst could have a shot at the other side. It’s a new year after all…

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