In our Indian tradition, we have this thing called 'roce' or 'paani' which is held for a bachelor/ette or just before the wedding..

Its not the bachelor/ette party, which is very popular, but this is the traditional thing where you call all family and friends (and no gender restrictions)..
At this 'party' they put milk and other 'natural' stuff on the groom/bride to be and also the bridesmaids and groomsmen too..  So everybody gets egg on them, beer (sometimes) on the hair and other stuff..

My friend is getting married this Sunday (19th) and her brother is getting married tomorrow (16th)!!
Two weddings in a week for the family..

My mother and me have turned half wedding planner with them..
I am also the maid of honor for Michelle (the pretty gonna be bride)..

So a day ago was their 'roce' which they did not want on a big scale, so we had an attendance of under 20 as opposed to the usual 70+ guests!

Here is us.. After the party that is..

Me in  purple, Michelle in the middle and my little sister in the red

Heres what started with some little coconut milk on the face..

Thats Sylvie, their mother.. Her brother Lloyd is sitting next to her..

Heres the after picture, after some eggs and beer too!


And then they both decide the other was not 'dirty' enough!

After that we had a lovely 'jam' session.. Singing old songs and some Christmas carols..

The two musically talented siblings!

I have not played the guitar for over 2 years now..
Here is me trying to figure out the songs I knew, with very little encouragement and patience from my sister!

Notice the big line of cell phones next to her!

The lovely home prepared food..

And after the party, a a few shots of Baileys..

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