Merry Christmas!!


A very Merry Christmas to my dear blogger friends!
Hope you all have great fun this festive season....

Here is what I wore for Xmas..
Sorry there is not any other flattering picture, but this is the only one where the dress can be seen..

I was not ready for it so there is no pose or anything!

Anyways thats the dress I made the night before.. It was such a hurry, I did not even get the time to add lining! I was so afraid that my dress would tear!

It was inspired/copied from this Foley Corinna Origami dress

Of course I did not copy each and every fold and everything.. Not that I had the time to do so..

My sister was going to wear this Balmain inspired sequin dress..

Without the little puffy thing at the side..

However she fell sick and the pretty dress is still hanging in the corner of the wardrobe, untouched!

Heres me all dressed up with the sick girl..

She is feeding me chips!

Have a great New Year!!

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