Get high (and) waisted - High waist skirts.. To wear or not to wear?


High waisted skirts are already so famous everywhere.. We see them in magazines in fashion spreads and we see pictures of our favorite and not so favorite celebrities in them too.. And then sometimes a friend or some random acquaintance...

But would you dare wear them?
Also, more importantly, can each and every one of us carry them off without looking like a plump cupcake?

The answer is.. YES!

Whether you are short in height or have a short waist, or if you have a flabby tummy or if your legs are out of shape, you can still wear them with grace and elegance and look good at the same time!

If you have a large tummy, first try shape underwear like spanx..
For the most comfortable fit, choose narrow, elasticized waistbands or those that are smooth in front and elasticized in back. Gored, wrap and A-line skirts are easier to fit, as are soft dirndl skirts without too much fullness through the waist and hips. Avoid pleats from the waistline (whether stitched down or not) and fly-front closures--they add bulk to the tummy.

Also make sure the upper band of the skirt, that rests on your tummy is not very fitted, as it can show the most unflattering bits and make you look like a sausage..
Wear soft drapes instead, that skim over your bad parts.
Or wear a chunky belt, that will partly hide and steal attention from you tummy..
Avoid full skirts with tiers and pleats; these simply serve to add bulk around the middle areas..
If you have a small waist, fitted waistlines are best; choose waistband (and belt) width based on whether you're short- or long-waisted.

If you have large waist, choose elasticized waistbands or smooth-front waistbands with elastic in back, but avoid too much fullness; have just enough for a comfortable fit over the hips and waist.

Narrow waistline treatments minimize the focus at the waist. If you don't care for elastic bands, consider fitting the waistline 1" to 2" larger and threading elastic through as if it were a casing. There will be just a little give in the band and a lot more comfort.

If you have a short waist, select a narrow waistband or a faced waistline to make the upper body look longer and more proportional to long legs. Skirts with yokes and dropped waistlines also achieve this effect.

Avoid extreme high-waisted styles.

If you have a long waist, choose wider waistbands and belts, paper-bag styles and high-rise waistlines, unless you're full- or low-busted. Mid-calf-length skirts help visually lengthen the lower body. Avoid mini skirts and styles that begin below the waistline.

If you have wide hips, choose skirt styles with slenderizing, lengthwise details--a side-front seam for example. Front or back zippers, and side pockets are also slimming details. Avoid bulky dirndls and tiered skirts, and bias-cut skirts that cling to curves.

If you have a large derriere and waist,  elasticized waistlines with gentle fullness and softly gathered skirt styles will camouflage rather than accentuate your curves.

Rather than pencil-straight skirts, steer toward gored and A-line styles with a little more fullness for easier fitting and camouflage.
Avoid skirts with flared trumpet styling or ruffles at the lower edge that only accentuate body width.
Yokes and dropped waistlines are unflattering and difficult to fit.
Handkerchief hems help draw the eye away from lower torso heaviness

If you have a flat derriere, back fullness and detailing such as yokes or pockets will camouflage the lack of curve in back.
Gathered and elasticized waistlines, and full, bias-cut skirts also add some fullness.

If you have long legs, you're a prime candidate for divided skirts, tiered skirts and those with hemline ruffles.
Mid-calf and longer styles are best; mini skirts make legs look longer and proportions out of balance.

If you have short legs, short skirts visually lengthen legs and re-balance proportions; however, short, full styles only make legs look shorter.
Other lengths can be worn if they're in correct proportion--try mid-calf styles with heels, and knee- and floor lengths.
Steer toward slim, trim skirt styles and position skirt details close to the waistline to draw attention away from short legs.

Remember, the most unflattering styles of high waisted skirts is the tulip and the bubble hem skirts..
Both of them accentuate the hips (widely) and even your behind..
If you have chunky thighs, it is even worse!
And if you have short legs, then you look like a squashed candy!
So stay away from them!

Also if you do have chunky thighs, wear A-lined skirts..
Stay away from short and fitted.. If the skirt is fitted, make sure it goes beyond the thighs and if it is short, it should be A'lined or even draped..

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