Ana Locking Spring 2011 – “Insides” Collection


There´s a part of me in all of my collections,
each of them reflect my worries and personal fears, parts of my being…
“INSIDES” plays with irony and double entendre. Physical insides versus emotional insides; a dissection of the duality of men; body and soul; flesh and spirit, the marriage between these two opposite concepts.
“INSIDES” is a story about decomposition and regeneration; life in motion. There are existential crisis and lively emotions.
The prints in “INSIDES” are photographs of the insides of the human body captured by the lens of a microscope. Materials and textures decorated with images of red corpuscles, leukocytes, muscle tissue, tendons…; the paradox that it is covering the outside with the inside.
Being able to literally see the insides of the body gives people the chance to see themselves in a whole new light.
We have seen designers use the human body as inspiration for a collection before (think DSquared2′s Fall 2010 collection) however, with this collection we get a vivid look inside ourselves.

The heels from the Spring 2011 collection are design from leather and python (only two have muscle print for those who are shying away from the idea of wearing your insides on the outside).


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