The 10 Most Outrageous Fashion Week Stunts


You can't underestimate the importance of shock value in the world of fashion

Some of the most memorable style moments have been ones that confused, mystified, and intrigued us all at the same time (think Gaga's raw meat dress). While pulling an outrageous act can sometime backfire (Janet Jackson's Nipplegate scandal, anyone?) it will undoubtedly attract loads of attention. 

And all press is good press... right? After all, you know what they say—fortune favors the bold. 

Here are 10 stunts from Fashion Week that we'll never forget.

A man dressed as Waldo was spotted at the Charlotte Ronson show during the spring '09 shows. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single striped stocking hat in her collection.

Jezebel writer Sadie Stein carried her large doll to this season's NYFW in an outfit matching her own. Surprisingly, she was a street style hit!

A blonde, plastic doll-human was seen all around this London Fashion Week, and even got herself snapped by Jak & Jil. So that's what it takes, huh.

Notorious call girl Ashley Dupre crashed the fall '09 Yigal Azrouel show where Kelly Cutrone and her staff at People's Revolution sat her front row. Cutrone was fired following the snafu.

3 stuntwomen staged the first ever vertical fashion show for High Street Fashion Week in Oxford Street, London on September 2010. High street, indeed!

We couldn't have done this roundup without talking about the king of stunts, Sacha Baron Cohen. His fashion news presenter alter ego, Bruno, crashed the runway at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in September of 2008, displaying his expert skill in layering.

In Seoul, Korea, a department store celebrated its opening on August 2010 by hosting an underwater fashion show. Models swam around tanks while wearing traditional hanbok dresses.

Gaga's wig designer Charlie Le Mindu might have wanted to make sure his wigs were the focus of his runway show in September 2010, but sending down naked models might have been counterproductive.

Oh, PETA—always willing to flash a boob or two in the name of animals. Topless protesters stripped down at Lincoln Center this fashion week promoting "to-die-for" looks that no one had to die for.

Balding, topless models with whiskers walked the runways during the Patrick Mohn show at 2010 Berlin Fashion Week. Disturbing only begins to explain the collection.

Courtesy Refinery29

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