Solitude is Bliss


                                                                                          Nothing else matters, I don't care what I miss

                                                                                                   Company's okay, solitude is bliss

                                                                                       There's a party in my head and no one is invited

Sometimes I really just like to put on a nice dress and go grocery shopping with my little cane bag. Without any make-up. And maybe just a minimal amount of accessories. But yes, I really was going grocery shopping here. Of course, the store I was going to was a couple of miles and a bus ride away from where I was staying. And I was staying on a hill top in a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Italy, Trebiano, to be precise, which is a tiny little village that my landlady called the "cat village". Of course, the quaint little place lived up to it's name and there was a cat in every corner. I have never gotten so excited in my life, ever, spotting cats around!

The Vault


I've been very very lucky this year. This is my second international trip, and this, like the earlier one is also purely for fun. I think I've begun to take advantages of the fact that I'm not tied down to an office and a boss and have to keep placing in requests for leaves and day offs. With my previous job, I even managed to miss a school reunion, which took place on a Sunday! Because the life of a stylist usually has no holidays. But now that I'm my own boss, it's been very rewarding. Currently, I'm enjoying 2 weeks in Dubai, with my family. 

Fashion Flashback at the Lakme Fashion Week


This fashion week, I almost went via a different direction when picking a theme for my outfits, but the sudden surge of videos all over social media especially those from Cut Video and Mode video, that I religiously follow, with their 100 years of fashion/beauty (be it Indian or Italian) suddenly inspired me to do my own little fashion throwback to some of the glorious decades we've had, in fashion.
Since a major part of what I wear is influenced by the tunes I'm listening to, and the kind of mood it sets me into, I associated each outfit with a particular song from that decade and had that in mind when I created my entire outfit. While I did want to be as accurate as I could, I also didn't want to seem like I stepped out of a time capsule, and went for a more modern take on each look.

The Wrogn Auditions | Win a hangover in Vegas


How far will you go to win a hangover in Vegas along with three of your selected friends? Don't worry, none of your friends have to be involved in either stages of tying the knot so it doesn't have to be a bachelor party. Hell it doesn't even have to be an all boys group, it can be a girl's hangover trip too! But the question really is how far will you go? Virat Kohli's recently launched clothing line Wrogn, is sending one extremely lucky person + their entourage for an unforgettable experience in Vegas!

Globus A/W Ethnic wear


Seems like just last month when I was with the Globus team while they shot their Spring Summer collection and we've already suddenly arrived at the winter collection! Time really flies fast. Luckily for us, we don't have major season changes and most of the time S/S and A/W are a bit redundant, but we still follow that pattern. But while the world showcases their A/W clothes as warm and cozy, we have a festive spin because this is the time we are hit with all sorts of festive occasions that cater to a lot of people from various religious backgrounds. And that's exactly what Globus's ethnic collection has in store for you this time. 

Switching off...


Most days are "off days". Or to a non-fashion blogger, a regular day. My off-day uniform is a nice pair of jeans (well fitted or anti fit and distressed) along with a cutesy blouse or a tee and always a cardigan. My shoes are either flats or slip ons and sometimes sneakers. I rarely wear jewelry, and if, while in the hurry to leave my place, I spot a neckpiece lying around from the event I attended almost a week ago (I'm a messy person) then I just throw it on. If I get a call from a friend asking me to get ready to go out, I'll take not more than 7 minutes to get ready, along with my makeup which consists of lipstick and sometimes some liner. My hair is as it is, always.