The best places to photograph the Eiffel Tower


If you have visited Paris, you're sure to have a million pictures of the Eiffel Tower because how else can you prove that you've been to Paris? I mean it's just impossible to come back from a trip to the city without a few dozen Eiffel tower images in your camera roll. This was my fourth or fifth visit and while I'm totally over actually climbing the tower since I crossed that off my list a decade ago, when I visited for the the first time. I don't think I'll ever do it again because it's definitely a one time thing for me and I don't have that much free time (3 hours minimum) and even if I did, I'd rather laze around by the Seine and eat cheese and fruit instead of unnecessary cardio. Also, there's nothing more iconic than the Parisian skyline WITH the Eiffel tower, so what good is climbing the tower because what exactly are you photographing when you're literally standing on top of one of the most photogenic landmarks in the world?

Floral & fading


It's no secret that I've always fancied flowers and all things floral and it's documented very clearly all over in my blog and on my social media as well. Flowers are and will always be my aesthetic, when it comes to dressing up, or finding a background to pose in front of or even framing my pictures. While I already have a bunch of floral capes and a Pinterest board to go with it, what I lacked was a cute floral dress. I mean yes, I have a ton of floral dresses, but none which fit me like I would like it to. So of course, I was on the look out for something cute.

3 ways to style a shirt dress - Travel edition


As I've shared previously, I'm reaaallly looking forward to my upcoming Euro trip. What's the most exciting is that it's with my family, and the last time we were in Europe together was almost a decade ago, when they were dropping me off at Milan. So apart from planning the itinerary and booking all our hotels, airbnbs and flight tickets, I've been busy planning my wardrobe since we're going to have limited baggage allowance because of the budget flights. Also, I do plan on shooting as much as I can, so I have to make sure I have stuff worth photographing. So I've been pondering over my wardrobe and trying to dig out the most versatile pieces I own, that can be worn and styled in multiple ways. 

Nine in the afternoon


Call me a sucker for monochromes and monotones, and while I love colour blocking from time to time, I prefer matching my tones while creating a look. And that's how I decided to wear my blue shirt dress under a blue floral cape in what I'd like to call, my kind of basic. A lot of women wear denims and a tee as their daily basics, but I wear my capes like security blankets and you'll see me in one almost every single day! While my look is a lot more than just basic, since I wore wedges and carried a contrast fringed bag, as much as I managed to elevate it, it's still quite regular and more of a lunch with friends or a work meeting kind of outfit (for me at least.) 

Activated charcoal and Aloe Vera Cocktail


When Raw Pressery sends you lemonade, you make cocktails, right? Well send me any juice and I'll always make a cocktail. What's special with these two cocktails however is the ingredients. Activated charcoal and aloe vera are two items that are packed with tons of nutrients with a lot of health benefits. They're both in at the moment and have the same wow factor as kale. While both are trendy drinks, it's definitely worth a try. I was very inspired to create healthy cocktails because of these two juices. I made sure all my ingredients were fresh and didn't add any sweetening to enhance flavours (not that it's necessary.) Both cocktails actualy turned out quite well, and one works perfect for day while the other is perfect for the evening. 

Mix it up


One of the things I'm obsessed with is comfort sized uppers; like over-sized tees or tunics and this comes from a place of wanting to be trendy and a mild insecurity. I've always had broad shoulders and I was always encouraged to put them out on display when I was much tinier (and skinnier.) But thanks to a few medical hindrances, french fries/chips and Netflix, I am the way I am right now. I went from an inverted triangle to more of an hourglass shape complete with ass and boobs and also with a tiny hint of a food baby. My body still looks a little balanced but I always tend to look a lot bigger than I usually am because of my choice to wear clothes that are at least 2-3 sizes bigger, because I crave for comfort and relaxed fits. But one thing I make sure is while I pick a relaxed fitted upper, I'll make sure I'm wearing a fitter lower, whether it's skinny jeans or a fitted skirt to add more balance and a cute silhouette to my overall outfit.