Bella Vida


A lot has happened in the past month. I grew a year older and finally completed 27 years and I'm kind of excited. I don't feel old at all! 27 has always been my "lucky" number whenever I've been asked to pick a number between 1 to 100, so I have a good feeling about this. Then of course I've slacked off and not posted anything. I'm kicking myself for that, but in my defense, the post that I wanted to share was all very meticulously planned out and was in my diary, which got misplaced for a while. So that might come up later or next month. Sheehan shifted back to Mumbai while Patrick moved the join the cruise line, so while I got one of my photographers back, I lost the other. Of course Patrick is going to be sailing in Hawaii and some other places and I'm just jealous. And finally I took a chance with shady online shopping. Shopping from Chinese clothing websites has been the talk of the town and everyone's been sharing their misfortunes and ill-fitted clothes. And here I picked two dresses from a very questionable sounding and looking website - DevilPlus, just to see what I would get. Since I'm such a handy DIYer, I was ready to modify my purchases to fit my liking (and size)

Calm Palms


So there's this thing I always do. When there's a plan to go to a buffet restaurant, a place where I know I'll be pigging out and devouring till I can't devour any more, I always search for the most roomiest dress in my wardrobe. Or a blouse with the same qualities. This happens rarely. Think birthdays or anniversaries or random special occasions. I don't think there was anything particular here. It was more of almost all of us have a free day, and we should go eat some good food. 

Checking in: Novotel Imagica Khopoli


A couple of days ago, I was invited to experience and celebrate womanhood at Novotel Imagica Khopoli, a special package that's been curated to accommodate ladies for this Women's day. Admittedly, I'm more of an Airbnb "rent an apartment" kind of person, and the only time I stay in hotels is when I'm travelling for work. But everyone needs some deep relaxation period and a place where you can get room service and fresh towels at the hit of a button. 

Overnight Trip to Pisa


They say Pisa is a day trip from cities like Florence, Rome Naples or even Milan. You hop onto a train, reach Pisa Centrale, get down, see the leaning tower, click a cliched picture/walk up those 400 odd stairs, make way back to the station and hop into another train and go back to wherever you came from. Or your next destination. And that was the internet and Pinterest advice I was slated to follow, since all informative articles I came across was spoke of the same topic, about how Pisa could be visually conquered in a day (or an afternoon). But I was felt a tiny rebellious streak awakening in me, and so while booking this holiday and I went with my gut feeling and booked an overnight trip instead. And I'm glad I did so.

COCKTAIL FOR TWO | A Valentine's Day Special


It's that time of the year again, whether you look forward to it or not. Instead of creating another outfit post, I decided to make a yummy cocktail instead, since it's also been a while after my last one. This cocktail is perfect for date night which involves a DIY dinner, and also is perfect for a girl's night in. My Valentine's Day cocktail is an easy to make drink, and doesn't need a lot of ingredients. The only spirits used are vodka and Cointreau. If you cannot manage to use Cointreau, you can use either Grand Marnier or Triple Sec.



Tans. Pools. Sunsets. Fried fish. And sick views. Can a Goan getaway be any better? While Goa would have not been my first choice for a trip, I did have two different weddings in Jan, and I had to make sure I was there for at least one of them. So I got into it and decided to make it a fun one. Based on the locations of the celebrations, I searched Airbnb to find a nice rental for my parents and myself. And then I found this place with an even more amazing pool, where I spent most of my time and managed to get a very nice tan! Seriously, if I wasn't at the wedding or sleeping or eating, I was in the pool!