Ethnic Pairings


Alberta Ferretti Resort 2016

I had never really been into traditional Indian outfits at the start, which is somewhat of a pity. It's painfully obvious how gorgeous Indian textiles and designs can be. While growing up, my Indian wardrobe was a handful of pieces that were squashed into the back of my cupboard that only ever came out during Diwali and sometimes for Hindu weddings. I however became appreciative of ethnic wear while I was learning about fashion. Since my projects involved researching and actually making samples of different embroidery and printing techniques used in different states in India, I had scrapbook after scrapbook filled with pages torn out of fashion magazines that had editorials with the most extravagant Indian clothing in them. I was awed and there was no going back.

For Mumbai, Forever | Jeffrey Campbell Lookbook


Boots! Boots! Boots! Boots! That was the voice that first sounded in my head or my "inner child" coming to life, when I first gazed eyes upon all the shoes that were to be featured in the upcoming (then) Jeffrey Campbell lookbook. And I couldn't even bring myself look away; or touch them. I may have sat stroking the furry boot while Sheehan got her hair and makeup done. It really sucks that Mumbai is not very cool-boot appropriate and more rain-boot friendly. Sure, I love my gumboots to death but it wouldn't kill to rock a pair of platform ankle/calf high boots ever now and then right? I'm no stranger to ankle boots; but these were a little more beyond them. A lot more. But I can think of a time and a place and even an outfit (or gazillion) to wear them with!

Pacing through Petra


My excitement for my Jordanian getaway peeked when I entered Petra. Don't get me wrong, the first day in Amman was great. I enjoy Greek and Roman ruins and basic architecture, and Jerash had plenty to keep me occupied, still there's nothing like actually visiting an ancient city which is not only one of the new 7 wonders of the world, but also a city that's not fully discovered and is an archaeological destination as about more than 80% of the city is still to be uncovered. It doesn't get any exciting than that! The city after all is referred to as/a Lost City, since it was rediscovered just a few centuries ago. Of course the thought that one might stumble onto something and may actually unearth something new from the ancient civilization that once lived there, is somewhat thrilling, even though it's unlikely. Still, a girl can dream!



Well of course I had to do themed shots for my personal most awaited movie of the year! When it comes to superheros, my heart belongs with the DC universe and Batman triumphs everyone. Unless is comes to the bad guys, then I can't pick, because they all are my favourite! But I had to pick 5 for this post, so Sheehan and I took our pick. While we planned, executed and aimed for this post to go live just in time for the movie, due to a crashed hard drive, that wasn't possible. But here we are again. We picked picked the Joker, Harley, Deadshot, El Diablo and the Enchantress and carefully planned to add their essence and colours into each shot. 

Champagne Supernova


We're quite a funny lot aren't we? When it's peak summer season, we crave for the rains and suddenly when we're hit with the monsoon, we cross our fingers for a non-rainy day. It's only natural to want what's currently not available. While I love how the temperature has sort of dropped and the weather is much bearable, I don't exactly welcome the idea of picking my outfits based on what might get sheer when wet, or which dress goes better with my old gumboots. It's almost a nuisance and more than half of my wardrobe seems redundant during the rains.

Mango cooler cocktail recipe


Here's one of the quickest recipes with homemade ingredients. Since it's mango season, my kitchen has been overloaded with the fruit. They've come from all over; Ratnagiri, Goa, the local markets and even our door to door mango guy, and the aroma in the kitchen is always very strong. So strong that one evening when I was thinking of making a cocktail, the only fruit I could think of using was a mango. Now I'm not a huge fan of mangoes and you'll never catch me eating one, unless of course it's raw and backed with spices and vinegar. But this was too good of a drink to pass. Not to mention easy as well. It technically is a mango mojito, but with a spicy element as well (because that's how I prefer my mango). The contrasts of the sweet mango and a hint of spice make it perfect chilled drink during the hot "almost" done summer.