Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect outfits for the season


Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect looks for the season

One morning, I sat up with a start and thought I needed a reality check because I completely forgot we're almost half way through December and I'll be needing various outfits for the Christmas Mass and NYE as well as the random tiny parties that will eventually turn up, like they always do. From the time I was younger, it has been tradition that my Xmas outfit would be made by my tailor and I've always relied blindly on that, and I'm relying on him this year as well, but I did decide to keep a few back ups as well. So if, you are stumped and out of ideas of what to wear and mainly if you haven't had the time to shop for new clothing or, like me, simply forgot, here are a few ideas on what you could wear, where and making use of things you might already have in your closet.

And four years later...


 I'm still that animal print wearing, always has a drink in her hand, awkwardly posing cat lady, and I'll always be!

One fine day, exactly four years ago, sitting in a studio owned by a fashion stylist and designer was a naive young wannabe stylist and Milan returnee who had previously studied lingerie and shoe design as well as wedding dresses and couture gowns pattern making. She wondered what she was doing there at that moment, with the kind of qualifications she had. Well maybe, after a little experience, I will get my own boutique and specialize in bridal wear she thought to herself. And boy, was she wrong. You see out of boredom, sitting in that studio where there was hardly any work at times, I (I was obviously talking about me) would look at various fashion websites and online magazines and read all day. After bookmarking scores of amazing articles, I thought to myself, this was silly, I'll hardly have the patience to filter through 300+ different bookmarks and so without a second thought I started a blog and decided to make my own content!

My Sanctuary | Links à la Mode


This is what a typical day of mine looks like. I wake up at around 10 or 11am (because I'm a night owl and stay up "working" till about 3-4am and I need my sleep. Then through noon till about mid evening, I'll be lounging around in my room, working on articles, listening to music, attending to emails, planning shoots, researching and playing with Puchu. He is with me most of the time, and mostly sleeps through until I wake him up for a hug. Of course he is the biggest distraction around as well. Everything he does is just too cute, and then I HAVE to take at least 3-4 pictures, on a daily basis, and send them to my dad and sister.

Ode to Awkward (and December)


There is a story to this post, and a part of it is pictorial, which you'll see and which will explain part of the title as well. I was obviously super obsessed with my new red animal print dress which I bought to wear in Dubai. Also I shared the love with my new cat bag (which you've seen previously here) and new wedges for the rains - yes I shot this ages ago, during the monsoon. Now the reason I never uploaded this was because it was the most hilariously awkward shoot we did. I'd shot before in front of this wall - here and here - and I heard that it was being torn down. So I wanted to have one last shoot here, before it was all gone.

Solving your fashion "what to wear" dilemmas with okay app



How many times have you stared at your closet and wondered what to wear?  Or you were shopping and were torn between three choices of equally amazing shoes? Or maybe the times you've had everything together, but cannot figure out what will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Maybe it could be a pair of sunnies or a bright bag or even a scarf? When I face these dilemmas, I ask my mom or sister. But there are times when they're not around so then what do I do? That's where Okay App comes in to help you!

A Fire Inside


I'm not at all philosophical but I think great thoughts at time. Also Pinterest is no less. I keep coming across quotes which are inspirational, nostalgic, about love and heartbreak and some which are downright too emo to handle. Each of these invokes a thought (or two) and I cannot stop pinning and thinking. Growth, mistakes, experiments and changes are all things that cannot be avoided and are all part of what makes you who you are. I'm not the same person I was the day before, because everyday is a learning process to fix and maybe better what happened yesterday to make a better tomorrow - and I might sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it is what it is.