The Adventure


Self timed photos. No big deal right. The bloggers in this blogging industry has been doing this for the past decade or so, and have mastered the technique already. There are tons of articles telling you how to be comfortable taking your own pictures, not that the newer generation needs to be told that (hello selfies) but nevertheless it is a task. I prefer having a living person at the other end telling me my hand is out of the frame or that angle makes me look larger, instead of me clicking 4-5 images on burst mode and then realizing that after. But I gave it a go again. The last time I did was here.
This was never meant to be an outfit post. I mean it's just a plain old regular "off days" kind of look. With the comfy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, I don't feel like a pioneer, but more like "stylist day off". I was heading out of the house after four whole days of being under the weather. For half of that duration I had my hair in a braid and when I opened up that braid, my hair seemed to fall around so well, that I just had to take pictures.
I also have to confess that I'm usually a little conscious when it comes to wearing jeans, because my legs are curvy. With the lack of a thigh gap and a pretty generous behind, I fill out my jeans a little too well. So I always like wearing skirts and dresses to camouflage the rest of me, or when I do wear jeans, it's with a tunic that is always very flattering. A loosely fitted sweatshirt is not something I team too often with denims, but more like with a pencil fitted skirt or I'd even like to experiment with a 50's style full circular skirt. Also how freaking awesome is this Adventure Time sweatshirt? <3 Jake the dog

Cherry Wine


Barely a week into colouring my hair, I think I've had more fun thinking of colour combinations that would make my colour stand out. So far, all shades of blue seem to work really fine, and so does dark colours. While white seems to make my colour much darker. I'm still of course discovering this and at the same time dreading every hair wash, because colours like red and purple are all fast colours, and run with every wash, until there's none left. My saving grace at the end of it it all, when only the bleach remains will be my stash of hair chalk that I've not had the chance to use yet, but now seems like the best time to do it, and my colour fading doesn't seem like such a bad thing after all.

#HAIRISFASHION | Lakme Absolute Experience | Win a free makeover


It seemed right to start the new year with a new look. So I was very enthusiastic and overly excited about my hair makeover at the Lakme Absolute Salon. After scheduling an appointment with their stylist (who asked me if I wanted to also colour my hair) I scoured through pinterest to find styles that I liked and at the same time consulted family and close friends to settle on a colour. Since I'm obsessed with purple, and it was a part of their lookbook, my mind was set on it. Also, you can win your own free hair makeover by commenting below and telling me why you think #HairIsFashion.
Contest runs till next Thursday (29th Jan) and is applicable to participants who reside in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Kolkata. 

City of Angels | Aries Gold Collaboration


Juhu Beach Gola

Sometime last month (or I should be saying last year), Aries Gold got hold of me and tempted me with their fabulous pieces and their theme - which is wanderlust - all of which really excited me. So for this post, I decided to go with the theme and shot around several places in the city. Each of which are either touristic or the most visit-able attractions according to me because wanderlust, is that incessant need to explore and discover, wherever you are.

2014 | My Most Favourite Moments


Before I can start off this year with all my new posts and outfits and whatever else, I wanted to do a small throwback sort of thing to 2014 of all my favourite, happiest and proudest moments - that include achievements, gigantic steps and new changes, because I want to give a shout out to everyone from my friends to my family who helped me put most of my things together, because if not for them, I wouldn't have been where I am right now. Also a big shout out to my cat, who is a born star and camera whore and helped me get new fans, fans who like to see him a lot more than me, but I'm not complaining. The last year was really a journey of firsts and exploration and testing waters and trying on newer things.

Style Resolutions for 2015 | feat. Noble Faith


What I've always hated about the dawn of a new year is the dreaded "what are your resolutions for the year". While I've never been one to set goals for myself or my career or my body like I see many others do so, this year I decided to go down a different route. Instead of planning to lose my excess weight or go to bed at a reasonable hour, I decided I needed my own style resolutions for the year. So every day, when I dress up, I'm going to follow these thoroughly. These style resolutions are completely subjective as well as open to interpretations as my style is probably different from yours, even though we might have the same dress, so I'm not going to be telling you to wear crop tops and more bodycon dresses!
Talking about clothes, featured in this post, is Noble Faith, a newly launched brand that exclusively retails on Myntra. So all the clothing you will see is either already available or will be soon in January. The brand is very decently priced and and is a mix of commercial meets high street.  For inquiries about a particular garment you cannot find on the website, you can always connect with them on Facebook and they will help you with it.

Great news is, Myntra is also holding a major end of season sale or as they're calling it 'end of reason sale'on the 3rd and 4th of January with jaw dropping deals that are so amazingly good, that you don't need to reason with your self. So with the dawn of the New Year, and with the excuse of acquiring a newer wardrobe, you don't need any other incentive, reason or excuse to indulge and shop for 2015!