Free Bird | Goa Photo Diary


It's been a rough few months, full of ups and downs. I've been MIA from posting here, and it almost broke me because not being able to create my own content and work on posts is just too painful to bear! The reason I was unable to post is because I sold myself to a web series; where I was one of the costume stylists. I mean the idea of shooting in Goa is always amazing and I've done that before. It's always been an amazing scene and I've met nice people and had a nice time. But this was not like those times. This was probably the worst decision I've ever made!



What's fun about launching into a brand new year is starting all over. That's where all the resolutions come in. To lose weight and to eat healthier and whatever else. I've been down that road several times myself. And we all know that no one really keeps or follows through with their resolutions, some of them don't even make it till Feb! My resolutions for the last few years have always been fashion related. There was one year when I decided to stop wearing heels and wedges on a daily basis because lets face it, I'm no Victoria Beckham and a few ankle twists later, I was done. There was another year when I decided to omit black from my wardrobe. Not entirely, but more like start wearing other bright colours. And once I decided to kick my shopping habit and stop picking up new things will I worked. This was the toughest since the life of a stylist is blesssed/cursed with too many shopping and sourcing trips and it's really hard to resist temptation, especially when the sales are on. But I still pulled through.

KATCH me if you can!


The lead up to this post has been one of the most exciting ones. I mean how do you test/review a speaker? You use it!! While I prefer my earphones as I like shutting out the world, I save those for my commute. The Dali KATCH couldn't have come to me at a better time. November has been the busiest month of 2016. From EDC to a destination Goan wedding, a week long vacation and a fashion show in Delhi, everything has been a little too crazily paced and hectic. And it was obviously the best time to test my new gadget. Read along and see where I took my KATCH and why it's the best speaker ever.

Christmas Cocktail DIY


Keeping up with the festivities, Sheehan and myself came up with the easiest cocktail that takes no real effort at all. Also it sums up Christmas at my place. From the time I was a child, Christmas has always been about goodies and sweets and presents (materialistically speaking.) I remember going door to door to wish my friends, neighbours and family and eagerly picking up my favourite Christmas sweet from the goodies tray. I can name (or describe) more than ten kinds of sweets, but my all time favourite would be the rich rum fruit cake. So my cocktail is based on the same.

Diving into Aqaba


It's been a while since my last Jordan update, so here's something from one of the coolest and most chilled out days we spent in the country. Our fourth day was spent in Aqaba. After previously getting wowed by the light show at Petra by night and after sleeping under the starry skies in Wadi Rum (more on that later!), we had a day of leisure planned in Aqaba which is the only coastal city and a port in Jordan. When I read the itinerary, I merely thought a cute little boat ride meant a chance for me to relax and unwind and sip on something chilled. 

Creating your own space | A Beautiful Homes collaboration


We live in the age of Pinterest where our eyes are greeted with the most visually pleasing images of impeccable white walls with blue framed pictures of travel destinations or white walls with neon moldings or a bookshelf that's arranged with it's books in the colours of a rainbow and a loads of vintage furniture. it's easy to get inspired by pretty images from websites and blog posts, you may only see half of the picture. So what's the secret to a beautiful home? Some might say doing up your home to look like it belongs in a magazine, others might say buying top of the line furniture and decorative items. But I just think a home is beautiful when you put your heart into making it what it is. It doesn't have to be the fanciest items or the in-trend wallpaper of the season, it just has to be something that reflects yourself and makes you happy. That's where Beautiful Homes comes into the picture.